South African School Terms 2020: PRINT IT

Updated school calendars with services for parents - some of which may be temporarily closed:

Find a School Terms 2020 calendar for public schools with 4 terms and private schools with 3 or 4 terms. Click on the links below to download and print the relevant school terms 2020 calendar for your family.

Please note that private school calendars vary from school to school. The below is just a guide.

Click here to find a list of helpful resources for the school terms to help you plan ahead for transport services, extra murals, maths tutors, aftercare, homework supervision or whatever else you may need.

Click here to find out who is offering online classes and services.

Public School Terms 2020 - 4 Terms

4 Term Public School Terms 2020
1 15 Jan - 18 Mar
2 08 Jun - 24 Jul
3 24 August - 23 Oct
4 02 Nov - 15 Dec
5 25 Jan 2021- schools start

Private School Terms 2020 - 3 Terms

3 Term Private School Terms 2020
Mid Term 27 Feb - 3 Mar
1 15 Jan - 9 Apr
Mid Term 26 Jun - 6 Jul
2 5 May - 31 Jul
Mid Term 15 Oct - 20 Oct
3 1 Sep - 2 Dec

Private School Terms 2020 - 4 Terms

4 Term Private School terms 2020
1 15 Jan - 20 Mar
2 14 Apr - 12 Jun
3 7 Jul - 18 Sep
4 6 Oct - 2 Dec

Helpful Resources to Consider during the School Terms

Find list of resources to help you during the school term whether it's schooling at home or school. This includes schools, tutors, extra murals, after care or safe and reliable school transport services. Click on the list below to find all the help you need


Find schools, preschools and alternative schools in your area or close to work. We also have a list of homeschooling support services, cottage schools and tuition centres for children who do not fit into a mainstream school. Click on the list of schools below.

School Transport Services

Click here to find reliable and safe school transport services that get your kids to where they need to be while giving you peace of mind that they're in good hands.

Extra mural activities for kids

Kids enjoy getting active and there's no better way than with extra-curricular activities. With over 80 extra mural activities to choose from, you and your child are spoiled for choice. Music, dance and drama classes for those extroverts that love the stage. Then there's arts and crafts for those who love being creative and using their hands. Sports coaching has always been popular with kids and we have so many to choose from. Click on links below to find a range of extra mural activities for your kids to enjoy:


Is your child struggling with a subject? Tutors* are known to improve grades and confidence of children so that school doesn't seem so daunting anymore. Maths, accounting, languages and sciences - you'll find tutors that come to you or you can go to their tuition centres. Tutors assist children individually or in groups and definitely make academics easier for everyone. Click on the links below to find a list of tutors in your area:

Aftercare and Homework Supervision

Busy parents don't need to feel guilty anymore with the wonderful aftercare facilities also offering homework supervision allowing you to spend quality time with your child when you see them after work.

Childcare, Au pairs and Nannies

Busy parents don't need to feel guilty anymore with the wonderful aftercare facilities also offering homework supervision allowing you to spend quality time with your child when you see them after work.

Therapy and life skills

Sometimes children need guidance and counselling to cope with school, life and social interactions. Child psychologists help ease trauma, negativity and family issues. Life coaches support parents and children in various ways, be it academically, socially or within the family. Teen struggles can also be supported and understood with life skills classes and therapy. Find a list of therapeutic services here:

Shopping for Kids

Whether its dancewear and ballet shoes or costumes for Halloween, you'll easily navigate your way through our directories to find exactly what you need without leaving your desk or phone. School bags, arts and craft supplies, special child friendly hair salons and more, will make life so much easier. Click on the list below to make your school-related shopping a lot easier:


Plan Ahead for School Holidays 2020

Onto planning those school holidays! Click here to download school holiday 2020 calendars for private and public schools.

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