South African School Holidays 2024: Download

Find a School Holiday 2024 calendar for public schools and private schools. Click on the links below to download and print the relevant school holiday calendar for your family.

4 Terms Public School Holidays 2024
1 21 Mar - 02 Apr
2 15 June - 08 Jul
3 21 Sep -30 Sep
4 11 Dec - TBC
2024 Holidays 4 Terms Public
3 Terms Private School Holidays 2024
Mid Term 23 Feb - 27 Feb
School Holiday 12 Apr - 6 May
Mid Term 29 Jun- 7 July
School Holiday 9 Aug - 3 Sep
Mid Term 25 Oct- 28 Oct
School Holiday 5 Dec - TBC
Private School Holidays 2024 3 Terms
4 Terms Private School Holidays 2024
1 21 Mar - 9 Apr
2 15 June - 9 Jul
3 21 Sept - 8 Oct
4 6 Dec - TBC
/download Private School Holidays 2024 (4 Terms)

Helpful resources to consider during the school holidays

Kids of today find it difficult to keep themselves occupied during the holidays. Luckily, many companies offer great holiday activities during all the school holidays. Click on the links below for details.

Daily holiday programs for kids

These holiday programs are either for full days or half days where kids can do things they enjoy. Arts and crafts, dance and drama programs will have your kids engaged in stimulating activities. Sports coaching programs are great for children who wish to perfect their sport. These are shorter programs designed to add-on to what children usually do in their extra murals. Science and tech programs are educational and fun as kids learn important life skills as well. You will also find holiday programs for extra math to help your child if they're struggling at school. Churches, recreation centres and small businesses offer a range of mixed programs to make your life as a parent easier during the school holidays. If its animals your child is interested in, you can enrol them in a program such as horse riding or they may enjoy volunteering at a zoo. Click below to find holiday programs that your kids will love:

Holiday care for kids

With many households having both parents at work, holiday care is important. Most preschools offer holiday care for kids that attend their schools as well as older children in their suburb. Holiday clubs also offer amazing activities, fun and stimulating as well as age-appropriate so your kids will never come home saying they were bored!

Click here to find a holiday care option that suits your needs.

Family holiday destinations

We have some lovely holiday destinations for families

Family day trips

Not going away? You'll definitely want to get your kids active and entertained with these awesome day trip venues in Gauteng. You'll find action packed venues for adrenalin junkies with plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. There are farms, arts and craft venues, markets and go-karting tracks. For toddlers there are animal farms and playgrounds specific to different ages, super trampoline parks for the whole family and science/tech venues for the little scientists. Take a look at fun places to visit during the holidays:

Help at home

Unfortunately the reality is that our country is not the safest. House and pet sitters provide peace of mind by looking after your property while you're away. Pets will be properly cared for by loving individuals so you can relax and enjoy your break.

Click here to browse through the type of home care you need for the holidays:

Make the most of the school holidays and check out our 2024 School Terms  Calendar to find useful resources to help the school term ahead.