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GeeWeSwim Swim School

Honeydew, Roodepoort

Swimming lessons for toddlers to adults in an indoor heated pool. One is never to young or old ...
All ages

Northern Farm

Honeydew, Roodepoort

This is one of Johannesburg's best-kept secrets and offers over 2500ha of beautiful green gras...
All ages

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How to use our extra mural directory?

We are here to help you find the right extra mural activities for your kids. The choice can be overwhelming. So to make it easier for you to search for those extramural classes most suited to your child, here are some pointers to consider when using the directory, which will hopefully narrow down your search and help you find what you need.

Music, drama and performing arts extra murals

Usually your child will show some interest in school offered activities. You can hone the skills developed by enrolling for extra murals aside from those at school. Music as an extra mural is always great for any child. Students that learn to play musical instruments such as the violin, guitar, piano and drums will benefit both academically and socially. Music and math are highly intertwined and studies show that music enables a child to figure math out more easily. Drama and performing arts for kids are a great form of expression. It boosts self-esteem and confidence and often helps shy kids open up in a safe environment. In the long term your child may find a career in acting or stage productions.

Sports extra murals

Sport coaching is very popular. The choices are endless and kids sometimes participate in more than 1 sport. Swimming extramural classes are a popular choice as this is a necessary life skill that every person should learn. Water safety and learning to swim programs are offered by both private swim schools as well as public swimming pools in all areas in Honeydew. Building confidence in the water will have parents more at ease and it is amazing for increasing overall fitness for children and adults. Then we have a long list of other physical activities such as acrobatics, gymnastics and cycling. These activities often have kids progressing through different levels so parents can see their achievements annually. Flexibility, coordination, strength and agility are some of the benefits in these activities. Children with ADHD and related issues do well as they release their extra energy and learn to focus.

Soccer and ball sports extra murals

Soccer as an extra mural is common with boys and girls. Role models such as Neymar, Messi and Ronaldo have kids feeling like super stars on the field. Soccer is a great team game and teaches kids how to play with other children. Learning to be a team player is helpful throughout life and various areas of business and work too. Kids develop ball skills and increase fitness levels as soccer can be an intense game. Cricket as an extra mural is an all-time South African favourite and our summer days are perfect for it. Cricket is also a good team sport and having rules in sport assists in teaching kids about boundaries. As with all team sports, children learn how to interact with each other which improves their social skills. Baseball and basketball have recently picked up in popularity too with various leagues running in Honeydew. Tennis coaching is usually a few times a week so that the child learns valuable skills and rules early on. As kids mature and with age they can compete at different levels.

Martial arts, dance & horse riding extra murals

Martial arts classes are best known for teaching discipline and self-defense. Kids are taught how to concentrate and have respect for themselves as well as others. For kids that have been bullied, martial arts provide an empowering feeling that will give them back their self-confidence. Clubs and scouts have been around for years and many parents will enroll their children because they became scouts. Valuable life skills and lessons are learnt at scouts and many would say it is essential learning for every child. Horse riding lessons is not only fun but can be therapeutic too. Kids who have suffered through trauma, autistic kids and kids with special needs create a special bond with the horses while learning the art of riding a horse. Caring for the horses also teaching kids empathy, caring and kindness. Dance as an extra mural can be intense and physical fitness is improved. Various forms of dance such as the popular hip-hop, jazz, modern and ballroom can be learnt by adults and kids. Dance competitions are exciting for parents and kids alike.

Arts and crafts, cooking & baking classes

But its not about sports and high energy activities only! Who can forget our arty, crafty kids? Art classes offer many layers and forms such as painting, drawing, sketching and is an excellent form of expression. Creativity and patience is refined while children get to showcase their talents. Similarly, cooking and baking classes allow kids to learn about healthy eating while becoming foodies. Science and tech are ever so popular with todays kids living in the tech age. There are also various extra mural options for special needs children that will assist them in development and socialising skills.

Begin your search

Parents should take into consideration what the child will need for the chosen extra mural. Often costs are a big consideration, as kids may need a guitar, dance gear, art supplies or sport equipment so always use these as guidelines as well. With all of these choices, kids and parents will have their days full and potentials reached! The sky is the limit.

Enjoy exploring all the options. Take your time, include your child in the search and have fun finding the perfect extra mural.