Win an Interactive Educational Experience with exotic animals worth R1995
Competition valid: Thursday, 16th January - Sunday, 16th February 2020
Imagine being teleported to a jungle where you can touch unique exotic animals like the blue-tongued skink, a reticulated python that becomes up to 12m long or chinchilla with the softest fur in the world. The winner will be treated to a captivating interactive educational show. * The show is ideal for 30 kids, aged 4-10yrs * at a venue in and around Randburg (see terms below) * The interactive educational animal talk i...
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Win 3 classes at Toptots Benoni worth R570
Competition valid: Monday, 13th January - Thursday, 13th February 2020
It's never too early to play! Paint, draw, colour, sing, mess, massage, catch a bubble, catch a ball.. catch 90min of fun, bonding time with your tot. Toptots classes are carefully structured to develop the social, emotional, physical and intellectual state of young kids. Engaging and interactive, Toptots classes are the highlight of every tots week. This prize includes: 3 weekly classes for a parent & tot at Toptots Benon...
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Win a puppet show worth R1700
Competition valid: Friday, 10th January - Friday, 6th March 2020
Wow your guests with a live puppet show - perfect for school or birthday parties. Kids (2- 8 yrs)and adults alike will be mesmerised and will leave with a story to tell. Leo's Puppet Theatre is fun, educational and interactive. Many themes to choose from: birthday show, wild animals, Easter, fruit of the spirit, farm, Pinocchio Tales. Stage shows are presented by marionette puppets with scenery, lighting and props according to ...
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Win a Gelato Dessert or Coffee bar worth R5000
Competition valid: Monday, 6th January - Tuesday, 18th February 2020
Make life sweeter with Moments mobile dessert & beverage bars! Stand a chance to win a Gelato Ice Cream, Coffee or Waffle On A Stick bar for 40 people or less at your next function. The Moments Team will set up and serve a delicious choice of waffles, ice cream or coffee with all the toppings, so you too can enjoy your party! Guests will enjoy mixing and matching toppings to create their own irresistible treat! The prize mu...
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