Places to go for horse riding in Johannesburg

Find equestrian centres and horse riding venues that cater for novices to more experienced riders in Johannesburg.

Ranger Stables

Craighall Park, Randburg

Ranger Stables is a small stable yard found in the heart of Craighall Park. We offer horse ridi...
All ages

ArkStar Kidz Club

Walkerville, Johannesburg South

NPO creating opportunity for our youth to learn, grow and participate in equestrian sport
All ages

Silvertree Stables

Kyalami, Midrand

Horse Riding lessons, Pony Parties, Kids Birthday Parties, Pony Camps, Fun Days, Pony Rides,Out...
From 3 yrs - All ages

Sun Valley Stables

Kyalami, Midrand

Shows, pony camps, fun days and outrides. Different levels of promotion. Safe first ponies to c...
All ages

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How to use the horse riding day trips directory

You may search by suburb by clicking on the drop down list above. Better yet, get an overview of what’s on offer in Johannesburg by scrolling through the listings. Click on the blue name of the company to find more information of what they offer as well as prices and contact details. Be sure to take note of operating days and times and whether you need to book to avoid disappointment.

Horse riding activities for all levels of experience

Yes some of us a little apprehensive about riding horses or anything really but when you have friendly, helpful organisers and staff quelling your fears, you are bound to enjoy every minute. The views at these equestrian centres are breathtaking, just what every parent needs after a long week. Connecting with your family and the horses is therapeutic as well so do give it a try. Novice riders will be guided and helped a long while more advanced riders are free to feel the wind in their hair! Kids are also either lead or accompanied so there’s real peace of mind.

Equestrian centres in beautiful country settings

You’ll notice that these centres are situated in serene, natural settings around Gauteng. A relaxed day out in nature is just what every city slicker needs after a busy week at work and school. Check out the listings to see if they allow picnics and braais and perhaps even romantic packages for couples who need a break. Some venues may also have jungle gyms, play areas and other facilities for kids to play freely.

Benefits of horse riding for kids

Aside from the interaction with horses, there are so many good things about horse riding that will benefit young people.
- It develops confidence and control as well as good balance and core strength.
- Kids are naturally attracted to horses and this encourages a love for animals.
- Horses make wonderful childhood companions and amazing memories.
- It also assists in developing stronger muscles as well as muscle tone and concentration.

Pony interaction for the littlies

Many equestrian centres offer pony interaction for little kids which they absolutely love! Kids will get to feed and possibly groom the ponies for a short while. Pony parties are especially fun for preschool aged kids and toddlers. Click here for other party theme ideas.

Horse riding extra murals

Horse riding lessons are fast becoming more and more popular as extra-curricular activities with kids these days. Even adults enjoy the many benefits from horse riding and horse riding lessons. You will find equestrian centres and horse riding venues that cater for novices to more experienced riders in Johannesburg.

Therapeutic benefits of horse riding are numerous. Kids who struggle with concentration, have been diagnosed with ADHD or have disabilities can all enjoy the calming feeling of interacting and riding horses. They will see a marked improvement in their coordination, muscle tone and concentration. Click here for a list of extra murals for special needs children.

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