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Sleep training for babies & toddlers taught at home

Arrange a consultation at your home and Lee-Ann will discuss exactly what the training will involve. Lee-Ann will look at routine, sleep association and behaviour modification (training at sleep time). References will be given and Mom urged to phone previous Moms who have completed the training to see how they felt before, during and after.

Lee-Ann will then spend 2 nights initiating the technique which teaches the baby/toddler to self soothe and put him/herself to sleep. Parents will be shown what to do so that they can carry on with the technique. You can keep in touch with over the next week if further support is required, but the success rate is phenomenal, so give Lee-Ann a call today or go to the website
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Submitted on Wednesday, 30th May 2018 at 01:54:23 PM  
I am a mum of 3. A set of twins 2 and 1/2 years old and a baby who just turned 1. Lee Ann came in to sleep train baby and move the twins onto a bed from sleeper cots. The twins were sleep trained at a year but refused to sleep on a bed. In a day our twins moved easily onto a bed and were sleeping beautifully. Baby started sleeping through the night after 10 days. Was a blessing. She used to wake every hour to feed and it reduced to twice a night then to once and then nothing. Lee Ann is an amazing sleep trainer. She is positive, practical and has a special way with the kids. Thank you for the support and for getting the kids to sleep. It's a blessing. No more zombie, sleep deprived and cranky mom. I can function effectively and the kids are happy and growing up. All you need is patience and perseverance with the program.

Submitted on Friday, 26th January 2018 at 08:18:31 AM  
Lee-Ann changed my life! My 13 month old never slept through a night in his life, he was waking up at least 3 times and due to pure exhaustion I put him in my bed to sleep. I was desperate so I called Lee-Ann for a consultation at the beginning of November 2017.

My biggest concern was that we would be going about 3 weeks later and would the change in routine undo all our hard work? Lee-Ann assured me that it would not be a problem so we set up a time to do the training.

The first night Lee-Ann stayed over, she managed to get my little boy to fall asleep on his own, in his own cot and room in about 20 minutes using her technique. He did wake a few times during the night but with her form and gentle manner she managed to get him to self soothe and go back to sleep. The second night to my complete amazement he slept through from 7pm until about 5am. I couldnít believe it, I was so happy and grateful.

Now came the true test, off we went on holiday. My anxiety levels were a bit high as the first night approached but it wasnít as bad as I expected. Understandably the first night was a bit unsettling and my little boy woke up about 4 times during the night but using Lee-Annís technique he went back to sleep and after a couple of nights was sleeping through in his new environment.

No matter where you are, if you continue to follow Lee-Annís method your child will adjust and continue to sleep like a star. I no longer feel like a zombie and my little boy is getting the sleep he needs, he is a different child.

The training was so worth it and I would recommend Lee-Ann a billion times over!

Submitted on Thursday, 12th October 2017 at 07:11:11 PM  
We are blessed to have a set of twins. Our babies are extremely energetic and it was really difficult to get them to sleep which was exhausting for my husband and I.
Our babies also used to be rocked to sleep and they would sleep for few minutes wake up and we would need to start all over. We decided to get Leanne in and our lives have changed we are able to now sit and eat as a family and have a good night's rest and now our babies are sleeping a full night and getting all the sleep they need to grow healthy.Our babies are 10 months old, sleeping in their own cots and fall asleep on their own. I am so grateful to Leanne.
Submitted on Wednesday, 5th July 2017 at 07:43:34 PM  
Our 22 month old son was a terrible sleeper, often taking over an hour to fall asleep at night with a bottle or two (and either myself or my husband having to stay in his room, singing to him, until he fell asleep) and he was waking up 3 to 4 times a night for a bottle. He was also waking up at 4am in the morning to start his day. We were exhausted. And knowing that in 6 months' time we were expecting another baby, it was time to call in an expert! We had heard about Lee-Ann through a good friend who had used Lee-Ann to sleep train her twin girls and had had great results. Lee-Ann came to stay with us for two nights to sleep train our son. The first night was quite tough, our son, being so strong willed, wasn't going to go down without a fight! Lee-Ann managed to get him to sleep in 20 mins using her technique. The next night our son was asleep in 10 minutes and slept through til 05h50 in the morning! It was a miracle! After Lee-Ann left, we continued to use all the techniques and methods she had taught us, with amazing results. Our son has continued to sleep through. He does on the odd occasion wake up at night but is able to fall asleep again on his own. Our son's bedtime routine has also become a breeze, reading him a book, then placing him in his cot AWAKE, saying goodnight to him and closing the door! I would highly recommend Lee-Ann to any parent who is struggling with their little one's sleep habits, she is fantastic and her amazing results speak for themselves.
Submitted on Wednesday, 28th June 2017 at 04:07:52 PM  
Before Lee-Ann did sleep training with my 17 month old daughter, 6pm would come and I would get so anxious as I didn't know what kind of night was in store for me...Lee-Ann came to our house and helped us sleep train our daughter. My daughter would wake up 2/3 times a night screaming for her mamma and wouldn't settle until I picked her up and rocked her to bed. After our consultation with Lee-Ann, I immediately felt comfortable and confident that she was the right person to help assist us with this daunting process.
It took 1 night of implementing the method for my daughter to start sleeping through - at last a sigh of absolute relief.
Lee-Ann's gentle but stern nature really made it 'easier' for me to allow the process to take place without thinking that I was a terrible mother (not attending to my screaming daughter)
It has been 2 months and even though my daughter still wakes up during the night, she is able to soothe herself back to sleep.
Thank you Lee-Ann for restoring my sanity and allowing my husband and I to get much needed restful nights. Best investment!
Submitted on Sunday, 19th February 2017 at 07:06:51 PM  
Using Lee-Ann to sleep train my 9month old son was the best thing I could have done. My son was waking up at least twice a night every night and I would spend at least 45min rocking him back to sleep. Lee-Ann managed to train my son to sleep through the night from the first night that she was here. It is a month later and I have not had one night where my son has woken up. He now sleeps for 11 hours every night. Thank u Lee-Ann for this special gift!
Submitted on Tuesday, 31st January 2017 at 07:58:33 PM  
When our little one was just over 9months we decide to get a sleep trainer in. I was a little nervous with the idea of a sleep trainer, firstly Mason wasn't really a bad sleeper (well that's what I thought) , he would go down perfectly but had bad habits, he would wake for two bottles every night (which he didn't need) and be up super early. Then secondly having someone come into your home that you don't know.

Well after meeting Lee-Ann at our first consult we felt totally comfortable and ready to get the training started.

Lee-Ann has a super calming effect and is very understanding and supportive. This just makes you feel at ease and trust the process.

On the second night of training Mason was sleeping through and we now too have routine on our day naps (which are now no more 20min power naps) He started to love his sleep. YAY! We noticed an immediate difference In him. His eating patterns improved and just way more bubbly.

I have confidently passed Lee-Ann's number on to so many friends, it's the first thing I talk about when surrounded by other Moms.

It really is life changing for you and your little. Thank you Lee-Ann for everything
Submitted on Wednesday, 14th December 2016 at 07:38:21 PM  
We recently sleep trained our second child and I can honestly say this was the best investment we have made. After months of sleepless and hectic nights of rocking, midnight car drives and pram pushing we were ready to get Leanne in.
Our baby took to the process so well and was sleeping through from night two and has slept through ever since the training. He has even slept through teething and a hectic bout of bronchiolitis! The training was extremely professional and Leanne constantly reassures you if you are feeling worried about anything. At 7pm each day we put our baby in his cot, wish him goodnight and switch off the lights and he puts himself to sleep without crying at all.
Leanne also trained my three year old daughter when she was 1 and she is still a great sleeper today. I can highly recommend this to any mother out there.
My sanity has been restored and I have more patience with my children during the day.
Submitted on Wednesday, 14th December 2016 at 07:25:26 AM  
Sleep training my daughter was the best money we ever spent. She was a bad sleeper from day one which resulted in months of stress for both myself and my husband.

I was nervous that sleep training would be traumatic for both her and us but I was pleasantly surprised. She picked up on Lee-Ann's method very quickly and was sleeping through by night 4 and has slept through ever since.

Lee-Ann is amazing to work with and offers great advice and support. Sleep training literally gave me my sanity back! It also resulted in my daughter being a much happier baby and her day sleeps improved dramatically.

Submitted on Thursday, 20th October 2016 at 10:30:10 AM  
My husband and I were keen for sleep training from the get-go but waited until my baby boy was the right age and weight and able to drop his night feed. I knew I had developed all the bad habits for his sleeping associations and I'd read all the books and methodologies and all the theories of how to put the sleep training into practice, but the "right" time of when to do it still alluded me because it was never 'convenient' and I was always tired and not up for the inevitable protests from my baby!
It was easier in the short-term to rock him to sleep because I knew he'd be sleeping within ten minutes or so without much crying or fuss. His waking up 2 - 3 times a night was even becoming almost normal for me to deal with. But my big, 11kg old 8 month old boy was breaking my back and giving me neck spasms with all the picking up and rocking! not to mention that my mom and other caregivers were struggling to cope with his weight and the bad sleep habits I had instilled. I decided early on that sleep training was too hard to attempt on my own - I needed someone to reassure me and someone with tried and tested experience to guide me through the process.
I was ready to let go of my bad habits and allow my baby the independence to fall asleep on his own. This is important because it's harder for us moms to change our habits than it is for our babies! And so I'd already accepted that I was in no mental state to attempt the sleep training on my own.
-- Enter Leeann!
She was a trooper the first night dealing with my stubborn little baba who was not happy at all that his mommy was MIA and that no one was picking him up when he cried for it! He kept Leeann up for almost 2 hours and his subsequent day sleeps also proved challenging. But the next night, when my hubby had to take over, he surprised us all and slept through the whole night! This is when I realised that we were getting somewhere! With patience and perseverance and consistency, he has managed to undo my bad sleep habits and put himself to seep all on his own.
In all honesty - the long-term benefits are by far worth the short-term agonies. Is it stressful? yes, but only for you! Is it distressing? yes, but only for you! Will some people judge you for it? Probably, but who cares? They're not the ones suffering from sleep deprivation. Be strong and remember that growth only happens by overcoming challenges. You will be better for it.
Leeann, with all of her experience and consistency in applying the methods, is there each step of the way to reassure and offer advice.
I now have the Holy Grail of a sleeping routine - I put him down in his cot at night, say good night and walk out, confident that he will fall asleep on his own, which he does. He even cut two teeth in the 2nd week of sleep training and STILL managed to sleep through thanks to the easy and consistent methods Leeann taught us. He sleeps for 11 - 12 hours without waking and is a happier, less tired baba for it. My husband and I are also happier and less tired!
Worth every cent and then some!
My advice - talk to Leeann and take it from there. Have the confidence in your baby knowing that they can and WILL be able to fall asleep on their own - but only if you give them the chance. We are the only sleep and self-soothe deterrents. Have self-restraint and believe in your baby and yourself. Babies will cry - it's the only way they communicate. I used to respond within seconds of my baby crying. I now know the difference between a real cry and a moan. He still moans now and then and sometimes he falls asleep within minutes and other times up to 15 minutes of intermittent moans, but always asleep. Don't deprive your baby of the sleep he needs!
Call Leeann :)
Submitted on Saturday, 10th September 2016 at 01:23:02 PM  
I happened to be away from home for a work function for one night. The next day I got the message "I am in my right mind to have a vasectomy." without replying to him I called Lee-Ann in tears. It had been another tough week and not only was this impacting on our daily functioning but it was seeping into our family goal to have two children. Lee-Ann is amazing. She managed to come the next day (this was over and above the long supportive conversation she had had with me the previous week.)

The beginning was hard and I won't deny that if Lee-Ann had availability I would have definitely have her stay the two night. In retrospect - the cost is very little compared to the relief and sanity she offers. A week later and we had a sleeping child. She still battles a little in the morning and not every night is perfect but that's because my child is a human not a robot and like us not every night is perfect.

I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Lee-Ann. Not just for you own sanity and happiness but also more for your child. Your child deserves to have quality sleep. There is so much they have to learn and we all know what it's like to try learn with a tired body and brain!

So don't doubt it. Invest (yes it is an investment and one of the best I have spent in the 7,5 months of being a mom!!

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