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cost R230 per hour for individual face-to-face maths.
Travelling is included unless you're a bit too far away in which case there will be an additional charge depending on the distance and how many traffic lights are involved.
age From 9 years - All ages

Extra Maths for Grades 4 to 10

31st May 2019

Term 2 exams for four term schools are on the go, or even over (for maths).

Sometimes it seems we use the school terms and exam dates more than the old-fashioned calendar to pace ourselves through the year.

If the next step is waiting for the report for the numbers, it's an idea to have a realistic thought or two about how things have gone up until halftime.

If the exam seemed genuinely manageable, take a short breather.
If it was a struggle and there were quite a number of mysterious questions that you've never seen before, take some time out after the 14th June to pick up speed again.

You need to start the third term in good shape - there is no waiting period.
At this stage (end of term 2), there are just two items on the checklist.

----Do you have summaries for every subject for the first two terms----
----Do you have a section-by-section summary for maths or do you have to wade through textbooks and notes which you can't read-----

The main goal is to not fall behind. Not even a little bit.

Extra lessons are not just for fixing the past. They are also for being prepared, and getting ahead, for the future.

It's so much easier to get a concept in class if you've already seen it before.

When and Where

Times are flexible including mornings for homeschooling, the afternoons and the weekend. I will come to you if you are within about a 5km radius of Berario.
If you're a bit further away, we can make a plan.

If you just want to ask a question, contact me. It's free, no obligations! Whatsapp, sms or email.
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Submitted on Thursday, 7th December 2017 at 12:57:48 PM  
Excellent! Guy is very patient and explains clearly. Very good at exam preparation. Highly recommended.

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