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venue Johannesburg:
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cost R250 per hour for Gr11 & 12, R230 for other grades individual maths.
Online maths at a discounted rate.
Small groups negotiable.

age From 9 years - All ages

Online and in-person Maths Grades 4-12, Maths Lit Gr10-12, IGCSE

6th April 2021

Three weeks to the end of term for govt schools. Independent schools might already be on a holiday.
How do you tell how your child is doing in maths?

At the grade 5 or 6 level, even if the report marks look ok, ask your child their timestables. They started these back in grade 3.

If they take 5 seconds to work out 5 x 8 in gr5 or gr6, and you see the fingers going, it's not a great sign.

It doesn't mean they are going to do badly in maths, but it might mean they will take twice as long to finish questions.
That in turn means that test or exam papers won't get finished either.

There are ways to speed things up.

Personal tutoring is available for Maths and Electrical Technology if you are in or around the Northcliff, Berario and Fairlands area.
If you're a little further away, there are options.

Alternatively, we can be connected via Zoom .
Bear in mind that Zoom lessons are a lot more effective if you have a reasonable hd camera to look at the page in front of you so that I can also see what you're writing.
Times are flexible and online connections can be later in the evening as well.

1. Small interactive group sessions on a particular topics such as factorising , graphing or trigonometry.
A group can share the costs but it's best if the students are evenly matched.

2. 1 to 1 tutoring - this works best if the learner knows in advance what section or questions he or she wants to work through.

3. Q & A -you can split a session over a number of days and work through one question at a time.

4. Exam question practice.

5. Problem solving questions - looking at short challenging questions needing very straightforward maths.

Bear in mind that an average 45 - 60 minutes of online class can use up to 500Mb - 1 Gb of data.

"You don't have to wait for someone to tell you it's ok to start.
Be your own starter"

Where and When

The "Where' is quite flexible.
The "When" is most afternoons and then Saturdays and even Sundays.
There are no weekend surcharges.

If you just want to ask a question, contact me. It's free, no obligations! Whatsapp, sms or email.
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