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venue Johannesburg:
Randpark Ridge
cost R230 per hour for individual face-to-face maths. Small groups negotiable.
Travelling is included unless you're a bit too far away in which case there will be an additional charge depending on the distance and how many traffic lights are involved.
age From 9 years - All ages

Extra Maths Grades 4-12, Maths Lit Gr10-12

18th March 2020

The term has come to a rather sudden end with tests or exams outstanding and unfinished work still to be completed.

Aside from the academic aspects, we have the new activity of social distancing to get to grips with.
What does it mean for classrooms and what does it mean for one-on-one or small group tutoring ?

Apart from death and taxes, a phrase which seems to have been coined by one Christopher Bullock in his novel "The Cobler of Preston" back in 1716, there are no absolutes.

Life is a gamble, based on probabilities - yet another good reason for some maths!
Knowingly or unknowingly, we are basing most of our actions and decisions on probability.
If we get in the car, or on to a bus or train, or set out on foot to go somewhere, we are probably around 95 to 98% sure that we'll get there. We take the missing few percent in our stride.

We are around 99 to 99.5% sure that we won't win the Lotto jackpot this week but those missing few fractional percentage points lead us to part with the money anyway.

It's not practical for every individual to get their own personal risk percentage for getting damaged by the COVID-19 issue.

We could go by country, in which case we probably don't want to be in Italy at the moment - higher percentages.
We could go by age, in which case if we're on the sunny side of 50 or 60, our chances are looking up.
We could go on the status of our personal health in which case an absence of the commonly listed healthrisk factors also makes us happier.

So is it safe to sit with a tutor ?
If both persons have passed the basic checks of not having been with the overseas people, are not ill and wash their hands regularly during the day, then probably it is.

The kids are on an early holiday. Exam and assessment timetables will have to be reworked based on what happens in the next 3 or 4 weeks.

Think about some tutor sessions during the break, either individually or in a small group to either catch up , or keep up so that all cylinders are firing on the first day of the next term.

"Some people dream of accomplishing great things. Others stay awake and make it happen."

When and Where

Times are flexible including mornings for homeschooling or exam days, the afternoons and the weekend. I will come to you if you are within about a 5km radius of Berario.
If you're a bit further away, we can make a plan.

If you just want to ask a question, contact me. It's free, no obligations! Whatsapp, sms or email.
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