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Family and Divorce Mediation. You make the decisions

Mediation is a facilitated process where two people can discuss their issues before, during or after serving legal documents. During this process the couple makes the decision on how best to move forward with their relationship and what they agree on.
The mediation process at Fair Practice is tailored for a specific family and their issues. We do not create generic parenting plans nor do we force families to break apart. We focus on issues that can be resolved through discussions and where necessary create settlement agreements that are legally enforceable and realistic to your particular family.
Our expert legal mediator, who is an advocate of children's rights, will always ensure that the mediation is done in the best interests of your child(ren). See her published articles on our website www.fairpractice.co.za

Effective, constructive communication is encouraged.

Mediation provides a safe environment for each person to be heard, saving you time and costs from sending written communications back and forth. Mediation can be used before summons can be served or after summons has been served. We have clients who come to us after they have divorced even, where they need to make changes to their current agreement. We have clients who use mediation to resolve some of their issues such as the parenting plan, division of assets or maintenance while taking outside legal advice on other issues.

We use a collaborative approach and provide legal information during the mediation. The job of the mediator is not to prolong the sessions but to start working with both of you on the issues from the first session.Our mediation sessions are only conducted by an accredited mediator, who has extensive experience and knowledge in the legal, commercial and psychological fields.

Our mediation sessions give couples the chance to create and understand the contents of their legal agreement. We do not believe that coming to mediation means the end of your relationship, we believe that it is a start to effectively communicating as parents whether you decide to stay together or not.

If you are still unsure about your decisions, we offer our legal information sessions which will assist you to understand the consequences of your decisions and allow you to assess your options before serving summons or even engaging in divorce mediation.

Remember: Coming to mediation does not mean the end of the relationship.
Mediation = Communication = Best Interests of the Family

At Fair Practice you will get information from our team of legal mediators, assisted where necessary by psychologists, who will help everyone create realistic solutions. There are no hidden costs and no deposits are taken, so you will always know what you are paying for.

Mediation, "Custody and Access", Parenting struggles

Choose from our range of services, we are waiting to help you.
- Family/Divorce Mediation - Maintenance, "Custody", "Access"
- Cohabitation Agreements - Understanding marital regimes
- Creating parenting plans/agreements/schedules
- Post Divorce - Changes to the Divorce Order
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