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cost Drafting of wills is a COMPLIMENTARY service.
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Sports masks: R299 Free Delivery included T's and C's apply
R120 Replacement filters
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VoIP, cloud-based PBX systems

Almost all cloud-telephony systems use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology of some sort. Most of us are already familiar with this technology in our personal lives. Simply put, it is what allows us to make calls over the internet, as opposed to the plain old telephone system (POTS).

Why should I consider cloud-based telephony?

- Your extension can now reside on 3 different places at the same time – your desk phone, cell phone and laptop
o What this means that a call to your extension would ring at all three places at the same time and you chose where to answer it
o You have the ability to transfer calls between extensions from your phone to other colleagues
- Significant reduction in costs and great cost control
o All calls amongst the various extensions (colleagues) are FREE!
o The cost of calls is significantly cheaper than phoning from your landline or a cell phone
o Employees can still use their landline extension to make business calls (you have control over this – just like at the office)
- Professionalism and business continuity maintained
o Your business can still continue receiving calls on the business number
o You don’t have to give out the cell phone number of colleagues – since the call can be transferred to them wherever they are
o The call is immediately transferred rather than putting down the phone to take message or expecting the customer to redial the cell phone number of the correct person
o All calls that are made would still reflect as the business number on the receiving end of the call.
o Conference call functionality to communicate with all employees - FREE

This is what we are essentially saying:
- Landline in your pocket
- Significant cost savings
- Big business functionality to Small Business (any size business for that matter) – minimum 3 extensions.

Financial literacy education services

Mom and Dad, why have a Will? We Ask Why not?

We offer a complimentary will drafting service at a place and time that is most convenient for you. It is especially important to do this if you're a parent to avoid your kids' inheritance landing up in the guardians fund.
Read more here:

Assistance with drafting your last will & testament

More than 80% of working South Africans don’t have will. Many don’t, because death is a difficult topic to speak about and of course then there’s the apprehension that it costs a lot of money to set up a will and it is very complicated.

Our complimentary service includes:

- A Complimentary consultation session at your convenience
- A Complimentary will drafted to suit your needs and circumstances
- A complimentary safe custody service.

What's the catch? We provide this service in partnership with the largest wills and estate administration companies in South Africa. They will with your sanctioning becoming the executor of the estate. We promise quicker turn-around times, less than half the time of the industry standard. Efficiency is important to us but not without our empathy for the trauma that your loved ones are faced with at the time of loss.

Connect with us today by completing your details here and one of our consultants will be in touch with you to arrange a convenient meeting time. We are At Your Service!

Suppliers of sports masks

Washable Sport Masks with exhalation valves and replaceable filters with up to 30 uses.
Eg. If your average usage per day is about 3hours you could wash it once a week and only replace after 30 weeks.

• Breathable moulding S-layer-Block larger particles.
• One Size Fits all Adjustable Velco Strap.
• Sprayed cotton filters block 0.30-micron particles.
• Activated Carbon absorbing layer for the absorption of chemicals.
• Non-Woven Comfortable and breathable inner layers.
• Colours available: Grey, Red, Pink and Blue

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Submitted on Tuesday, 17th March 2020 at 02:07:58 PM  
Hi, All went well, the
The consultant made everything clear to us

Thank you for the facilitating of this service, really a good deal to be honest.
I kinda got emotional thinking that it feels like I’m planning my funeral 😂...but these are things that need to be done.

Least I can do is make sure my kids are sorted...and not drifting or being thrown into an orphanage etc.
Once again thank you for thinking about us ❤🙏

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