Wild Friends Sanctuary Educational Shows & Parties

East Rand / Ekurhuleni Johannesburg:
Centurion Pretoria / Tshwane Vaal Triangle / Sedibeng Roodepoort West Rand
Reptile & Insects Themed: R1250
Variety Themed: R1450
(Reptiles, Insects & Mammals)

** Please enquire about pricing for†School†Events
All ages

Fun and Interactive Mobile Reptile/Exotics Shows

We bring our reptiles/exotics to your venue for:
▪ Educational Reptiles & Exotics Shows
▪ Themed Birthday Parties
▪ Corporate Events

Show duration is 1 - 2 hours

Wild Friends Sanctuary offers Reptile Themed, Mammal Themed or a Variety Themed Show/Party Ė our mission is to educate the youth on how important it is to love and respect all animals both domestic and those in the wild, whether fluffy, scaley or creepy crawlies.

Our Activities Include:
An entertaining, informative & educational show and tell (children get to hold and interact with each animal)

We do digital photos throughout the show so that the teachers/parents can also enjoy the show & we also award each child with a printed certificate†of†Bravery!

Our Reptiles/Exotic include

▪ Redtail Boa
▪ Ball Pythons
▪ Cornsnakes
▪ Bearded Dragons
▪ King Snakes
▪ Crested Geckos
▪ Leopard Geckos
▪ Reticulated Python
▪ Taiwanese Beauty Rat Snake & much more

▪ Fancy Rats
▪ Naked Rat
▪ Hedgehogs
▪ Chinchillas
▪ Guinea Pigs
▪ Skinny Pigs
▪ Tenrecs
▪ Bunnies

Insects on request
Hissing Roaches & a Variety†of†Tarantulas

Registered & Fully PAPA Licensed

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Yesterday we had the wild friend sanctuary come do a show at my daughter 6th birthday party. It was so lovey and informative, I don't know who enjoyed it more the kids or the parents. They came with a great selection of critters, they were punctual, very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. I highly recommend them for any event for all ages.

Submitted on Monday, 15th July 2024 at 06:52:35 AM

Wild Friends Sanctuary Educational Shows is just amazing! We had them in our home for my daughter's first birthday. It was so entertaining but also educational. The kids (and parents) absolutely enjoyed it. Thanks Linda!

Submitted on Friday, 12th July 2024 at 05:49:33 PM

Linda and her team brought their scaly and fury friends to visit our kids ages between 14months and 7 years. They were amazing at providing information at the level for the kids to get excited and they were so gentle and patient ensuring every child had a chance to interact with the animals within their own comfort zone. Definitely having them back for another visit!

Submitted on Friday, 5th July 2024 at 04:18:22 PM

We booked Wild Friends Sanctuary for a kids holiday activity at our lodge. The kids and adults thoroughly enjoyed the fun and informative show. I would highly recommend this for a school activity, birthday party or holiday activity!

Submitted on Sunday, 30th June 2024 at 02:09:04 PM

Wow! Thank you so much, this was such a treat for the kids, you all did such an amazing job, definitely would get you out again!

Submitted on Sunday, 30th June 2024 at 01:36:05 PM

The "Fun Educational Love the Animals Learning Party of the Year" is an event that combines the best of both worlds - fun and education. This innovative party aims to teach attendees about various animals and their habitats in an interactive and engaging way.
These live animal demonstrations promised to be an unforgettable experience that blends entertainment, education, and a deep love for animals in a unique and exciting way.
Nonstop talking about the party can also serve as a valuable learning experience. Thanks again for an awesome party!

Submitted on Monday, 17th June 2024 at 05:30:52 PM

An excellent and very informative show. Educational for both Adults & kiddies. Enjoyed every bit of all the reptiles on show. We hired them for a 09th birthday party. It was a totally different experience. I would highly recommend this Team for your next function. Thanks for giving us such good memories.

Submitted on Monday, 17th June 2024 at 01:57:12 PM

5 Star experience for kids and adults - amazing ladies and animals. Would highly recommend them.

Submitted on Monday, 17th June 2024 at 09:41:40 AM

What a lovely show. Informative, fun and the animals are so well kept. Kids loved it!!

Definitely worth every Rand.

Submitted on Friday, 14th June 2024 at 04:47:21 AM

What an awesome experience. I booked for my daughter's 3rd birthday and we had kids of all ages at the party. Even the adults were all ears and eyes with all the animals and creatures. All well taken care of and well behaved. I highly recommend Linda and team and would anytime use them again. Well done guys and thank you so much for making a day so memorable.

Submitted on Tuesday, 11th June 2024 at 06:14:33 PM

Wow, Wow, Wow! Linda and her team were absolutely incredible.
I booked them for my sonís 5th birthday party but we also have tons of smaller kids and they were all captivated by Linda and her beautiful animals.
The animals are in beautiful condition and calm and well taken care of.
This is a must for any kid that loves reptiles, bunnies, hedgehogs.
I can highly recommend this team!

Submitted on Tuesday, 11th June 2024 at 08:19:41 AM

Our learning centre asked Wild Friends Sanctuary to pay us a visit to showcase their fantastic little animals. They were very knowledgeable and patient with our children. They loved the experience, and we will most definitely do it again! I can highly recommend them!!

Submitted on Saturday, 8th June 2024 at 03:48:48 PM

I booked Wild Friends Sanctuary for my 4-year-old's birthday party, and it was a huge success! The team brought a variety of reptiles and mammals to our event, and the kids were absolutely fascinated. The presenters were friendly, engaging, and great with the children. They provided an educational and interactive experience that was both fun and age-appropriate. The kids got to learn about and touch some amazing creatures, and it was a truly unforgettable experience. I was impressed by the team's professionalism and ability to keep the kids engaged and entertained. If you're looking for a unique and exciting way to celebrate your child's birthday, I highly recommend Linda and the team

Submitted on Sunday, 2nd June 2024 at 03:15:54 PM

Linda and her team were absolutely brilliant! They kept our little ones engaged and encouraged bravery and courage!
Awesome show!

Submitted on Wednesday, 22nd May 2024 at 02:23:44 PM

Wild friends Sanctuary is absolutely amazing! The children loved the show, and it was so interactive and interesting.

Submitted on Thursday, 16th May 2024 at 01:19:00 PM

What a wonderful experience!! The kids absolutely loved it... so did I. Was informative and the animals are well looked after. You guys are amazing.

Submitted on Thursday, 9th May 2024 at 03:48:28 PM

The show was very informative and interactive. Our learners loved every moment. Well done on an excellent presentation.

Submitted on Thursday, 9th May 2024 at 12:44:32 PM

Excellent reptile show for the kids! I would highly recommend Linda and her team for a birthday party or school show!

Submitted on Friday, 26th April 2024 at 03:35:07 PM

We really appreciate all the help received from the Wild Friends Sanctuary. They were punctual, friendly and made sure to keep all the children safe and entertained. In future we do hope to see them again, it be an absolute pleasure to host them once more. Thank you Wild Friends Sanctuary! Lots of love.

Submitted on Saturday, 20th April 2024 at 09:13:53 PM

A huge thank you to Wild friends Sanctuary for doing a show at our school in Sandton, it was an absolute delight! The team did an outstanding job of captivating the kids attention and educating us about various animals in a fun and interactive way. From fascinating facts to up-close encounters, every moment was filled with excitement and wonder. The passion and expertise of the team shone through, making it a truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved. We highly recommend this animal show to schools and communities looking for an educational and entertaining adventure! Thank you

Submitted on Tuesday, 16th April 2024 at 08:04:57 PM

Best reptile show that made my sonís 5th birthday the most special day ever. They are great with the animals and know exactly how to present and work with little kids. You can also see the animals are so loved and they are so content. I would recommend Wild friends sanctuary again and again.

Submitted on Sunday, 14th April 2024 at 04:04:42 PM

Our kids LOVED the show and all the animals ❤️ The animals were well looked after and loved. The show was very educational and informative to the kiddies as well as the teacher's. We will definitely have Wild Friends back at our school next year.

Submitted on Thursday, 4th April 2024 at 10:44:45 AM

Dit was die beste besluit ooit om Wild friends met Linda, Jenny en die reptielvriende by Ryan se 8ste verjaarsdag partytjie te kon hÍ!! Van klein Luca 4 jr oud tot oom Frank 78 Jr oud het almal soveel geleer en dit so geniet om hierdie diertjies te kon vashou en van hul te kon leer! Ek beveel dit ten sterkste aan vir enige partytjie, skoolgeleentheid of geselligheid. Baie dankie Linda en Jenny julle was great!

Submitted on Friday, 29th March 2024 at 08:34:39 AM

Wild friends sanctuary joined us for my sonís 5th birthday party and blew the kids and adults away with an intimate, exciting and educational experience! Just wow! I cannot recommend them highly enough! My son and his buddies love reptiles and his birthday was unforgettable thanks to Linda and her team! Thank you so much Wild Friends Sanctuary!! You are amazing!! (And finally it was budget friendly!! An epic experience that did not cost the earthÖ )

Submitted on Tuesday, 5th March 2024 at 06:03:02 AM

The visit from Wild Friends Sanctuary has been the high light of the holidays. It was entertaining and educational. The staff and children are still buzzing. Highly recommend and we will definitely repeat the experience. Thank you Wild Friends Santuary.

Submitted on Friday, 12th January 2024 at 07:59:02 PM

These guys are amazing their shows are so informative and they are professional and they love children

Submitted on Thursday, 21st December 2023 at 08:39:59 PM

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