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All ages

Kids party entertainment and corporate events

Magic shows

Your child's birthday party is the most important day of the year and I will make him or her the star of the day! My job is to take the stress away from YOU and make lifetime memories for the whole family. Make sure you have your camera ready, to capture the looks of wonder, excitement and laughter! SEE THE PHOTOS ON THIS PAGE.

Guaranteed top-class professional show - no scary stuff.
Birthday Parties: R2300
Family days: R3500
Including travel within the Randburg, Sandton, Alberton, Midrand & East Rand areas: (call to discuss prices for other areas)

Teenage magic shows

My upgraded show is aimed at the older kids - the tricks are more ‘clever’ and get them really thinking....and laughing! Leave the fun-er-tainment to me, while you also enjoy the party. The kids will be talking about it long after the party is over!
Birthday Parties: R2300
Family days: R3500
Including travel within the Randburg, Sandton, Alberton, Midrand & East Rand areas: (call to discuss prices for other areas)

Walk about magician

No where to have a Magic show? Why don't you have a comedy 'walk about' Magician? Remember when you were little and a magician pulled a coin from your ear? Imagine a red hanky disappearing to nowhere or a Raccoon appearing from somewhere?! This and so much more is what could happen at your party!
Please call to discuss rates.

Balloon modelling

Your kids will LOVE their own friendly, fun filled balloon man, walking around at the party, customising personal pets for them to keep - It's a jungle of animals, birds, fish, snakes, hats and swords. Kids love it and get to choose what they want! 60 minutes of fun and amazement!
Birthday Parties: R2100
Family days: R2800
Including travel within the Randburg, Sandton, Alberton, Midrand & East Rand areas: (call to discuss prices for other areas)

Also offering:

* Magic workshops for holiday programs.
* Corporate Magician - platform shows and Close up Magic.
* Party entertainment for any function!!!

Costs to please discuss

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Trevor had the kids and parents fascinated throughout the show. I can highly recommend Trevor, he is reliable, professional and hilarious.

Submitted on Sunday, 14th April 2024 at 07:36:19 PM

Wow wow wow!!! What fun we had!!! Tricky Trevor was absolutely amazing. I can highly recommend him! The kids as well as us Adults were well entertained and had some good giggles 😂. His Balloon animals were so cute, think of it and he made it! Well worth it!!
Thanks Tricky Trevor for everything, we thoroughly enjoyed your show! 👌🏼

Submitted on Sunday, 14th April 2024 at 12:21:23 AM

Thank you Mr Tricky Trevor, for your entertainment at our Day Care. Kids were so excited 😊 your work is amazing 👏

Submitted on Tuesday, 9th April 2024 at 07:11:26 AM

Tricky Trevor was a huge hit at my 5 year old's birthday party this weekend! Can highly recommend him for some good entertainment and happy times!

Submitted on Sunday, 7th April 2024 at 02:39:39 PM

Tricky Trevor brought pure magic to my daughter's 3rd birthday party! His balloon creations dazzled both kids and adults alike. From adorable animals to fantastical objects, his talent knew no bounds. Engaging and entertaining, Trevor made our celebration unforgettable. If you want to add wonder to your event, Tricky Trevor is the perfect choice!

Submitted on Tuesday, 12th March 2024 at 12:05:51 PM

Tricky Trevor's service was great from the beginning! The party was on 9 March 2024, the kids and even the adults enjoyed his magic show very much! Would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Submitted on Monday, 11th March 2024 at 10:48:11 AM

I got Trevor from a Google search for my 5 year old birthday party and what a great pick. The children, parents and grandparents, had a fantastic time. Thank you Trevor, it was magical!

Submitted on Sunday, 25th February 2024 at 05:46:03 AM

Trevor came well recommended and we were blown away. Not sure who was more captivated; the 4yr olds or the parents! Thank you for making my daughter’s birthday magical. A week later and she’s still telling everyone about the book on fire.

Submitted on Saturday, 17th February 2024 at 07:02:37 AM

Trevor did magic for my 8-year old daughter and her friends at their birthday party his weekend. All I can say is, wow! He is an exceptionally skilled magician and an amazing entertainer and comedian. The kids and the adults were equally impressed. And his balloon animal skills are just on a different level... I have seen many balloon animals, I have never seen the level of sophistication he has, to the point of using multiple balloons to make multi-coloured animals. Wow! Highly recommended.

Submitted on Monday, 12th February 2024 at 11:42:38 AM

Even the adults were in awe, what a show. Highly recommended. Thanks Trevor for making the party awesome.

Submitted on Tuesday, 6th February 2024 at 06:13:53 PM

The kids loved the show as well as the parents! The kids were all different ages and it was fun for all. Trevor was able to help us last minute and he was so accommodating. Definitely worth the money.

Submitted on Tuesday, 6th February 2024 at 11:27:45 AM

A pleasure to deal with Trevor and a hit with the kids. Highly recommended. He is the number one choice in our Parkmore community.

Submitted on Sunday, 10th December 2023 at 10:08:56 PM

What a lovely show - the kids thoroughly enjoyed Tricky Trevor! Thank you!

Submitted on Wednesday, 29th November 2023 at 01:52:12 PM

Wow, the show was amazing. The birthday girl and the guests really loved it. Trevor you’re so amazing 🤩, I will definitely recommend him at 💯. Thank you so much for making the day so special.

Submitted on Sunday, 26th November 2023 at 07:45:03 AM

Tricky Trevor was absolutely amazing! the kids and parent enjoyed every second! Highly recommended! 5 stars

Submitted on Tuesday, 5th September 2023 at 03:54:28 PM

Exceptional show. Highly recommend. 10/10. Kids and parents were entertained throughout.

Submitted on Saturday, 5th August 2023 at 07:33:45 PM

The absolutely best show in town! You have to have to book tricky Trevor! Even the adults thought he was brilliant. Thank you Trevor for a wonderful party

Submitted on Thursday, 3rd August 2023 at 06:34:45 PM

Tricky Trevor entertained both adults and children with his hilarious jokes and awesome tricks. Was very pleased with his show and would highly recommend him!

Submitted on Wednesday, 2nd August 2023 at 09:19:50 PM

Tricky Trevor was fantastic, kids and adults were entertained! This is the second time we have had him for my kid's party and still great fun!

Submitted on Wednesday, 2nd August 2023 at 10:42:14 AM

Tricky Trevor, the magician, was great. We got him for our daughter’s 8th birthday party. He wowed the kids and adults with his mind-boggling tricks. His ability to make objects disappear and reappear left the children in awe. I would highly recommend him. His attention to detail and focus on the birthday girl made her feel so special. Tricky Trevor was most definitely just what we needed to liven up our family event! Tricky Trevor's performance was the highlight of the party and made it a memorable experience for everyone involved. Hiring him was the best decision we made, and we are grateful for the joy and laughter he brought to our daughter's special day. Trevor really is so humble and accommodating and fits in well with the family. Thanks Trevor! 

Submitted on Tuesday, 1st August 2023 at 10:13:26 AM

Tricky Trevor was great. We got him for our daughter’s 5th birthday party. He was really entertaining for both the kids and the adults as he has a range of tricks in his repertoire to keep all entertained. I would highly recommend. His attention to detail and focus on the birthday girl made her feel so special – she still takes about it weeks after the party.

Submitted on Tuesday, 27th June 2023 at 08:50:48 PM

Trevor is excellent with the kids and entertains the adults as well! Used him for both my kids parties and he was a hit!! Highly recommended!

Submitted on Thursday, 15th June 2023 at 04:26:34 PM

Tricky Trevor provided great entertainment at my daughters 5th birthday party. The kids were completely absorbed and my daughter was made to feel very special! Thanks Trevor!

Submitted on Saturday, 27th May 2023 at 07:51:04 PM

Intriguing and entertaining- age appropriate- kids couldn’t get enough. Worth every minute😊

Submitted on Tuesday, 23rd May 2023 at 07:07:13 PM

Tricky Trevor is an incredibly FUN treat for any party or school. He is HILARIOUSLY FUNNY,his tricks are AMAZING and he is just a wonderful entertainer for kids and adults too.

Submitted on Sunday, 21st May 2023 at 05:16:29 PM

Tricky Trevor is amazing and most definitely a MUST for your family event! He captivates the young and young at heart and leaves them mesmerised for days to come! Tricky Trevor is a pro when it comes to entertaining children, from pre-schoolerd to teens! Not only does he entertain children, but his Family and Corporate events will leave you and your loved ones with magical memories for years to come! I highly recommend booking Tricky Trevor for an ultimate magical and memorable event! ✨️

Submitted on Sunday, 21st May 2023 at 04:55:09 PM

I saw Tricky Trevor many yrs ago as a child, and he did my daughters party this past weekend. What an amazing entertainer! He kept the children and adults enthralled for his whole show. I highly recommend him for your parties/get togethers!!

Submitted on Monday, 15th May 2023 at 07:56:57 PM

What a skilful professional with his art. I thought only the kids would have fun with the show, but goodness, adults also had a show. LOVED every bit of it & balloon animals

Submitted on Sunday, 14th May 2023 at 01:39:54 PM

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