Sunshine Association

3rd Floor TMI Building
13 Joubert Street Extension
Braamfontein Johannesburg View on Google Maps
From 2 years - 10 years old

Wish Lists

We have centres with different needs. Here is our wish list for each centre:

Centre: Soweto

40 side plates
20 plates
50 teaspoons
5 Stainless steel trays
60 plastic bowls for porridge
60 plastic cups
Sugar/Tea/Coffee containers
Industrial mop and bucket
Tiling around the stove
6 Toilet paper holders
Handwash/lotion holders
3 Toilet brushes and holders
2 Toilets mats
2 industrial bucket and mop
1 big bin
2 sanitary towel bins
4 Packet of curtain hooks
1Boardroom wall clock
Boardroom carpet
8 Bamboo blinds
2 sets of overalls
1 pair of working shoes

Centre: Elsburg

2 medium pots
New electric stove
Kitchen cupboards
Washing machine
Curtains for the kitchen
4 Plastic jugs
5 Stainless steel trays
Painting of the kitchen
Heat extractor over the stove
3 Wooden spoons
Industrial mop and bucket
Sugar/Tea/Coffee containers
100 forks and knives (plastic) for the bridging and preschool children
Tea tray
6 Toilet paper holders
2Handwash/lotion holders
3 Toilet mats
2 industrial bucket and mop
2 steel lockers for clothing
2 sets of overalls
1 pair of working shoes

Centre: Craighall

New kitchen cupboards
New stove
Gas stove
5 Stainless steel trays
5 Juice jugs (glass)
70 bowls for porridge
70 plastic cups
30 glasses for staff
3 Dish up spoons
20 Knives and 20 forks
1 kettle
Shelves in the pantry
Kitchen window curtains
Painting the kitchen
Extractor (Hob)
Industrial mop and bucket
Sugar/Tea/Coffee containers
30 plates for adults
2Handwash/lotion holders
3 Toilet mats
2 industrial bucket and mop
2 sets of overalls
1 pair of working shoes
Washing machine
3 Toilet brushes and holders

Hope for children with disabilities

The Sunshine Association is a dynamic, progressive and innovative Non—Profit Organisation in the field of intellectual disability, offering diverse services at many levels. All developments and services offered by the organisation are a direct response to the needs identified in the communities.

What makes our organisation different is our passion for children with intellectual disabilities, a holistic approach and our dedicated staff compliment who go out of their way to better understand and service the special needs of individual children. Many children with disabilities fall outside of the system and in many communities the family is stigmatized and excluded from the community. In many circumstances the child is hidden away in fear of discrimination and ostracization. It is our firm belief that communities need to be educated: and awareness is created around intellectual disability and developmental delays, and the rights of these children to be part of community life and to be included.

Community development

The services offered by the Sunshine Association have developed over the years in response to the needs of communities and families served. The Sunshine Centre Association works within functions with a developmental model in partnership with families and communities. The model focuses on the child with disabilities and delays at the centre of a system encompassing parents, caregivers, siblings, volunteers and the community at large. This approach seeks to ensure the maximum functioning of the family and the system and the inclusion of the child with disabilities into the family, the community and society. The belief is that the system that is capacitated, supported and informed will provide a nurturing and supportive environment for the child with disabilities. This has certainly been evident in the work of the Sunshine Centre Association.
Our Services include the following:

Early Intervention Day care Programmes
- Toy library programme
- Home - based support
- Family support
- Youth and siblings programme
- Volunteer programme
- Income generating programme

Training Programmes
- START Early Intervention programme
- ECD Inclusion model
- Classroom / disability management
- Community Development

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