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Online School & Home education system for home schoolers in SA

Mindscape education provides curriculum to the distance learning and home school community. At Mindscape Education, we believe in igniting that fire within each student, nurturing a lifelong love for learning. Our approach is not just about facts and figures; it's about sparking curiosity, encouraging critical thinking, and fostering a passion for knowledge that burns brightly.

Mindscape Education is proudly registered with both SACAI and IEB, ensuring an authentic and respected educational experience for your child. Our unwavering commitment to quality education will guide your child toward growth and excellence. Together, let's unlock your child's limitless potential, empowering them to shine brilliantly in their educational journey!

CAPS Aligned Homeschooling with SACAI

SACAI South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute.
Why Opt for Homeschooling with SACAI?
- Create a secure and distraction-free learning environment.
- Instill core values and ethics.
- Enable your child to learn at their unique pace.
- Explore a unique avenue for boundless growth!
- Grade R-12
- English or Afrikaans home language
- info@mindscapeeducation.co.za

CAPS Aligned Online schooling with IEB

IEB - Independent Examinations Board.
Why Choose Online Schooling with IEB?
- Enjoy convenience and flexibility.
- Create a personalised study schedule.
- Balance extracurricular activities and family time.
- Access personalised learning at your fingertips!
- Grade 7-10
- English or Afrikaans home language
- ieb@mindscapeeducation.co.za

Your school-in-a-box includes the following:

Our School-In-A-Box solution equips the learner with recognized CAPS Approved textbooks, workbooks, required literature as well formal assessments, to assist learners in completing their portfolio files.
Core subjects Textbooks
Elective subjects Textbooks (FET phase)
Prescribed literature for languages
Portfolio of evidence for each subject
Tasks, tests and Practical assessments
Timetable and daily schedules
Access to online support
Pre and Post moderations of exams
Registration of Grade 10 to 12 with SACAI

Mindscape Education provides Tutor/Parent and learner with all the required tools and support to successfully complete the academic year, Available throughout South Africa.

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