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Resilience Life Coaching for teens that supports self-esteem and routine, energy and focus to motivate studies.

• Are you experiencing emotional and mental burnout?

• Have you got an epic personal routine to build your resilience?
• Do you struggle to stay motivated in your studies?
• Is your way forward crystal clear and exciting for you?

Most students are currently suffering burnout due to fragmentation, the dread of overwhelm, and too many distractions about the way forward.

But what if there was a way to activate your energy, increase your resilience and positively impact your personal and professional life?

For the last 5 years I have been coaching individuals and have found 4 core struggles in the area of personal resilience:

1 Self-Esteem – sticking to the healthy habits that build personal resilience
2 Individual Learning Style – understanding how you process information 

3 Daily Routine – getting clear on what works for you to build momentum
4 Crystal Clear Context – creating a compelling vision that really excites you!

To break-through these struggles, I have created a coaching course that:
- Builds your motivation and self-esteem from the inside out
- Clarifies how you process to optimise the way you study
- Supports you in your strengths to build an epic personal routine
- Creates a compelling life vision to motivate you through school

Welcome to Resilience Coaching, a 6 - 12 session course that shifts you from anxiety and depression to excitement and activates your energy, purpose, passion and performance.

Sessions may be online or in-person with Covid precautions in place.
To schedule an intro call pls send me a WhatsApp +27 82 320 5570
Or email me directly at adam@iwalkawake.com

I recently worked with a Grade 11 pupil to:
• Transform his self-leadership through resilient habits.
• Clarify his exciting vision and values, and align them to his legacy.
• Set goals, stay focused and motivated on the task at hand.
• Shift his mind-set and actions which achieved the matric marks he needed!

Testimonial by a Grade 11 Parent:

I contacted Adam @IWalkAwake as I was concerned about my son. He was in Grade 11 at the time and was struggling academically.  I knew he could do better but felt that he had self-doubt and lacked the motivation to follow through with anything he started out to do. He needed guidance to set goals, support to persevere, find his passion and use this to focus and drive him, and that is exactly what Adam helped him to do. 

Step by step Adam guided him to set goals, stay focused and motivated on the task at hand. Kyle came to realise that it was, and is, all up to him. He came to recognise that he is in charge of his mind-set and actions which leads to his outcome in whatever he has chosen to do. 

Kyle went from being “down and quiet” a lot of the time to motivated and enthusiastic most of the time.  It was a great process to see unfold and I thank Adam for the great work has done.

Here to serve you in Clarity, Care, Calm and Courage.
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