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time Centres are open from 7am - 3/4pm
Open for donations 8am - 4pm on Mon-Wed & Fri.
age From Birth - 6 years old

Please sms or email us as we have very bad cell phone reception in the areas we work.

Long term, sustainable help for pre-schools in very poor areas - NPO93139

We, as Flying Children, are expanding fast and hope soon to have 12 centres being able to provide an appropriate pre-school experience for children from the poorest communities in Gauteng. We are busy training 32 ECD practitioners and are constantly being asked for help from other centres
At present we are reaching 18 pre-schools and 50 teachers training and that means a lot of toys and other pre-school educational material. Toys break and puzzle pieces get lost so we have to keep replacing and adding to the toys...So we would be so very grateful if you could spend your 67 minutes on sorting out some outgrown toys from your childrens toy shelves and boxes to give to us...

Or you could donate just R67 towards the toy fund just add Toy Fund to your bank details when donating and the money will be spent only on toys that support pre-school learning!

Our Banking Details

Flying Children
Nedbank, Rosebank
Acc no: 1017771731

The kinds of toys we need are quite basic:

Books, plastic animals, blocks, lego, duplo, construction toys, dolls, cars, boats, planes, peg puzzles, fantasy toys and furniture, 2-24 piece puzzles, pre-school educational games, balls, bats, skittles, skipping ropes, hoops etc...

We are selling our theme plans, why:

So pre-school teachers or interested parents may enjoy our very full of ideas theme plans! They would be emailed to you. They include ideas for theme, nature and discovery tables, theme discussions, music/ movement/ percussion/drama rings, songs and rhymes, 4 art activities a day, stories, experiments, educational ideas, bible stories (we hope to have Religious stories for Muslim children as well soon) and even posters in colour or black and white.

Themes sold for:
- 40 themes we will be asking R500
- 10 themes R200
- Single theme R50 (admin costs!)
- Posters will be another R250 as sending them by email will take time. Please say if you want them on colour or in black and white.

Thanks so much – and we hope you will continue supporting us – we really need you!

Donations of the following are desperately needed

1. Funding for running costs (trainers, telephones transport)

2. Building materials
old/new Wendy houses
container offices
huts we can put toilets in
zinc sheets, poles

3. Toys: Blocks
toy cars
plastic animals
little people
toy stoves
cots, dolls, prams,
old handbags, dress up clothes
picture books (stories and non-fiction)
inset puzzles, 2- 25 piece puzzles
pre-school educational games/ cards
construction toys (lego, duplo sticklebricks ect)
water and sand play toys
dolls houses
climbing apparatus
balancing boards
wheeled toys
bats and balls, skittles and baby toys of all kinds

4. Second hand furniture - tables, cupboards, soft chairs, chairs, coffee tables (good for doing art and eating) bedside tables (can be turned into stoves and other fantasy furniture, bookshelves (for displaying toys and demarcating areas, cubby hole shelves for children’s ‘cubbies', pillows, cushions (book corners, old blankets and sheets (magic blankets), old fitted and other carpets and mats.

5. Paintbrushes, paper and card of any kind and size, chubby crayons, oil pastels, charcoal, pre-school, pencil, crayons, powder paint, clay, ambi scissors, glue, food colour, flour, salt, oil, playdough toys

6. Stationery for teachers - files, koki’s, adult scissors, paper punches, staplers, pens, pencils

We work hard to provide comfortable and safe buildings, pleasant and educational playgrounds and appropriate play and educational materials. We also ‘walk with’ the educare teachers intensively over a period of three years to train and support them in using a good pre-school programme, to include and educate parents, cope with maintenance and to try to get them registered so that they can become economically viable and self-supporting. Psychologists work with teachers to help them to cope with troubled children. In these areas many children have lost parents and have been victims or have witnessed traumatic events.
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