Code College

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venue G19 Pinewood Square, Pinewood Office Park
33 Riley Road
Woodmead Johannesburg
time Mon to Thurs: 9am-4pm
cost Weekly online classes
- R2500 per school term
- R900 per month
In class onsite
- R1500 per school term
- R550 per month
age From 6 years - 18 years old

Code College - (coding for kids)

Code College was established in 2004, Coding for Kids was established in 2014

Age groups we serve

In-School: Our syllabus caters for all age groups from grade 1 to 12.
After-School: We have professional courses like the Java Bootcamp to place individuals in the IT industry as software developers.

Computer programming languages we use

Block-based (Scratch Junior, Scratch, Blockly)
Text-based HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Delphi, Java
Gaming Development Languages: Roblox Lua, GameMaker
React (MERN Stack)
Java (Spring Framework)

Our projects

We do problem-solving, stories, gaming and robotics simulations, hackathon preparations

What we offer during school terms and holidays

School term

We offer individual online (one-on-one) lessons of one hour per week, over a school term (10 weeks). This constitutes a module. There are 4 modules per year after which a certificate is issued (40 lessons)
COST: R2500

School holidays

During school holidays, we also offer online (one-on-one) extra projects for children at the respective levels and the sessions are one hour per day (with some homework). If you buy 5 sessions, you only pay for 4. R1000 buys 5-holiday sessions

Our international hackathon

We have partnered with, an international Hackathon provider (who enrolled 6000 kids in 2021 already), that provides annual hackathons for school kids. We help the kids to prepare for these and there are also simulated exams running to assist in the preparation and practising

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