Academic Coaches

East Rand / Ekurhuleni Johannesburg Pretoria / Tshwane Vaal Triangle / Sedibeng West Rand
Mon to Fri: 8am-5pm
Sat: 8am-1pm
From 4 years - All ages

Academic coaching and brain skills development

What do we do?

Instead of reteaching academic content (tutoring), our focus is on building cognitive- and learning skills, strategies and tactics that enables you to become an independent learner (academic coaching).

We offer our clients a choice of premium structured programs, as well as individual coaching hours.

Our Academic Coaches engagement can start with as little as 2 x coaching hours. These individual coaching hours can be increased as required. They can also be converted into a structured program.

What sets us apart?

Our Academic Coaching journey starts at the age of 5 and support all aspects of an academic journey up to the age of 70 and beyond.​

Our focused coaching programs are time based with a definite start- and end date to a learner's program - unlike tutoring where a learner's need for tutoring is usually ongoing.​

We start off with an individual cognitive brain skills assessment. This provides us fundamental insights as to how we can best support each learner.

Why specifically test cognitive skills?

It's difficult to function efficiently when one or more of your cognitive skills - like memory, processing speed or attention - is unable to keep up. It influences your ability to learn, read, remember, concentrate, follow instructions, think on your feet, etc.

Research confirms that cognitive skills can be strengthened to improve the way information is absorbed, processed and retained to optimise learning and retention (it's called neuroplasticity).

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