Performing arts schools for kids and teens in Parktown

Performing arts classes offer training in drama, music and dance for kids and teenagers. Browse the list of companies below.

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The world is your stage!

Performing arts are a form of art in which artists use their voices or bodies, often in relation to other objects, to convey artistic expression. Kids enjoy the expression of themselves through drama, music and dance.

Performing arts classes encourage children to be creative and expressive. Kids learn valuable life skills in the attendance of these classes. They learn and grow as they assume different roles which are important in development of young minds. Children that are shy or withdrawn are able to use a platform where they are free and uninhibited.

Encouraging creativity & expression

Lessons in performing arts have many benefits, including:
- Performing arts classes are energetic, intense and exciting.
- Confidence is built as kids become more in tune with themselves and on stage.
- Kids are taught how to adapt in relation to their roles which is important in adulthood.
- Taking on different characters and roles develops empathy and compassion.
- Children that participate in performing arts may find it easier to socialise dwith their peers.
- Learning to deal with disappointment is important in developing whole individuals.
- Clarity of speech and expression is enhanced.
Performing arts studios may offer various disciplines of the arts to kids. Music, dance and drama are the most common. Professional instructors teach kids the basics and progress to advanced lessons over the years. Their aim is to train students as professional actors for stage (theatre or musical theatre) and camera based work (film and television shows). Many famous musicians and actors attended performing arts classes or schools before they made it big.

Performing arts exams

Examinations in performing arts ensure that what the school is teaching meets with certain standards. The performing arts school or studio you choose will communicate with you in this regard and will inform you about whether they are affiliated to any international schools and exams. For younger kids such as toddlers and preschoolers, the idea is to introduce them to the arts, get them moving and excited about it and teach them how to become more confident.

Yearly productions get the kids and teachers excited to showcase their talents. Acting, improvisation, dance, costumes and music bring productions to life with the stage set to transport audiences into imaginary worlds.

Performing arts for preschoolers

You will find performing arts studios in Parktown here that cater for little ones. You will also find performing arts schools teaching at preschool level that will attend at your child’s school, offering their services as extra murals at the school. Find the right drama school by talking to parents in your area or ask a school if you could send your child for 1 trial class before enrolling.

Theatre themed parties & holiday programs

Theatre themed parties and holiday programs are also on offer. These are highly energetic, fun themed parties and programs for kids to enjoy. Click here for more information about drama or theatre themed parties.