Wingu Academy

230 End Street
Clubview Centurion Pretoria / Tshwane View on Google Maps
Online Service
Weekdays: 8am-5pm
From R2600 per month depending on stage/grade
From 5 years - 18 years old

Online school

Are you seeking international homeschooling options in the UK, Europe, or beyond? Look no further than Wingu Academy, a premier provider of online education. At Wingu Academy, we are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of our students by emphasizing skill development tailored for life beyond the 4th industrial revolution.

Our curriculum is designed to cultivate critical thinking, computational thinking, problem-solving, and design thinking skills. Moreover, we offer a rich array of technical courses including coding, robotics, and software development. These technical skills are seamlessly integrated with collaborative skills, leadership training, emotional intelligence, and entrepreneurial development.

By fostering a growth mindset within our student community, we empower each individual to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Join us at Wingu Academy and embark on a journey towards a brighter future.

Centurion Smart School

Welcome to Wingu Centurion Smart School, your gateway to exceptional international private education in Centurion. With our focus on small class sizes and a modern approach to learning, we provide a dynamic and social atmosphere for students from diverse backgrounds.

Our Wingu-powered Smart Schools prioritize safety and reliability while offering an innovative educational experience. Partnering with the prestigious Oxford International Curriculum, we deliver top-tier, technology-enabled education.

Through Wingu's state-of-the-art digital platform, your child gains access to accredited primary and secondary international education of the highest quality. Our team of expert educators is committed to providing personalized attention and guidance, ensuring each student reaches their full potential.

Experience the benefits of small class sizes, individualized coaching sessions, and a future-focused approach to education at Wingu Centurion Smart School

The Wingu Blendflex approach

Ever wondered what the BlendFlex approach entails? It's a dynamic model of learning designed to provide students with a flexible and tailored educational experience.

BlendFlex seamlessly integrates face-to-face, synchronous online, and asynchronous online learning. Students have the freedom to engage in live sessions, follow class recordings, or progress through the curriculum at their own pace online. This unique structure allows students to navigate the course material according to their individual learning styles and preferences.

The key advantage of BlendFlex is its adaptability. It accommodates various learning styles, fits into diverse lifestyles, and offers the flexibility to work around busy family schedules. With BlendFlex, students have the power to shape their learning journey according to their needs.

Experience the freedom and flexibility of BlendFlex where learning meets individuality.

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