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Hi Gauteng moms (dads too),

My name is Stevie. I'm Gauteng's hilarious heart-warming birthday party magician. I love making your children laugh, I love making families laugh, I love performing knee - slappingly funny magic shows, but that isn't enough for me.

I take very seriously the opportunity I'm given to leave a positive lasting impression on young minds. That's why my shows feature the much talked about EFZ... the Embarrassment Free Zone. Simply, it's the bedrock of positive encouragement that all my silliness and hilarity is built upon. Kids in my shows are free to be shy, boisterous or anywhere in between. Whatever their personality they can safely be themselves.

So in my shows not only does your child get to roll around the floor in fits of laughter they also get a good ol' boost to their self esteem thrown in for free.

Anyway enough about me already, let's talk about you.
Parenting can be overwhelming nowadays. Expectations of bigger and glitzier birthday parties are upon us. Frankly it can all end up a big headache but... I aim to make your day STRESS FREE and easy...

Stevie and his Big Red Box of Magic

Three words sum up what 3 to 10 year olds want. Silly Silly Silly. And that's just what Stevie and the Big Red Box of MAGIC delivers. The birthday party entertainment begins the moment I come through the gate. The funniest and friendliest kids party magician in Gauteng has arrived.

Knee slapping hilarity, amazing tricks professionally and skillfully delivered, giveaways, audience participation, delightful balloon animals, feel - good music; these are all a given. I go beyond that.

I connect with your child and their friends,
They experience genuine wonder and laugh like never before,
You feel great as a parent,
Together we make this ‘the’ birthday party entertainment your child will remind you about for years to come.

I pay particular attention to the birthday child and personalise tricks so they feel special. I encourage active participation but NEVER force any child into any situation that's uncomfortable for them. My shows are an EFZ (embarrassment free zone), as all birthday party entertainment should be.

Look at these kids below enjoying one of my shows.
Here's how my hilarious show goes:
• I meet the children and let them guide me to the performing area
• To the sounds of toe tapping, feel - good music from my self contained PA system I spend five minutes building rapport with them before the show. This is hilarious from the word go.
• All aboard, the hugely interactive magic show begins.
• The kids delight as magic wands take on a life of their own and keep 'comically' hitting me. (It's what magicians have to put up with.)
• Coins magically start appearing from children's ears. First one, then a few, then the entire audience is throwing imaginary coins. This has to be seen to be believed.
• Hernando the World's Strongest Flea charms everyone with his super human feats.
• Then Peeky the Cheeky Monkey has all the children giggling and rolling and jumping - quite literally... Kids go crazy over this first rate birthday party entertainment.
• Some juggling to lots of ooh's and aah's then the rest of the show is devoted to your child.
• They get to wear a magical magicians hat and have some giggles with me - a terrific photo here for your family album - then with all their friend's encouragement they magically make a R20 note which is my gift to them. It comes with with a classy, personalised birthday card that looks great alongside their ' magician' picture in your photo album.
• Now I present the birthday child with a really cool crazy balloon hat.
• To finish the show they magically produce lollipops for all their friends. No one misses out.

AFTER THE SHOW, ALL THE KIDDIES EVEN GET FREE BALLOON ANIMALS!!! YAY!!! Do you reckon these kids are enjoying Stevie's magic show?

Parents love knowing they made the right choice booking Stevie and the Big Red Box of MAGIC.

Birthdays are special times and the birthday party entertainment should be special too. If you’re anything less than happy that I don’t make it something to remember, simply don’t pay me. No questions asked. That’s my guarantee to you.

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Submitted on Monday, 2nd November 2020 at 10:27:08 AM  
Good morning. I want to say thank you for everything. Stevie was great and of course kids loved the show. My daughter says the favorite part in the party was magic show and presents :) I'm also happy. Thank you

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