Protective Behaviours

All ages

NPO dedicated to the goal of creating a safe environment for children and adults

Protective Behaviours (PB) is a practical, empowering approach to personal safety. It is a process that encourages and develops self-confidence alongside skills that help us avoid being victimised. This is achieved by recognising our personal concept of safety, trusting our intuitive feelings (early warning signs) that tell us when we are feeling unsafe and developing strategies for self-protection. The Protective Behaviours process links safety with fun and excitement and an adventurous approach to life.

School talks, resources for businesses and more

Protective Behaviours is based on Two Themes, three Core Concepts and Seven Strategies. We offer the program to schools, preschools and any organisation or business that would benefit.

We aim to increase our ability to take protective action on our own behalf, and seek the support of others when needed, to help us feel safe again. When we are feeling safe we are more likely to feel confident, strong and empowered, engage in adventures and live life to the full within a framework of safety.

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