Positive Life Senze

Mornings, afternoons and Saturdays
Please contact me on 083 985 5044
From 5 years - 18 years old

Life Coaching curriculum to empower kids

A Life Coaching curriculum to empower kids to:

- Help Kids Handle the Ups and Downs of growing up
- Deal with Peer Pressure
- Become leaders in their own lives
- Make Healthy Decisions that Serve them & help them Grow
- Become Independent and Self Motivated individuals

Study skills program

We also have an A.C.E. I.T Study Skills program. They learn how to develop a positive attitude towards studying, how to create a mind set for success, Learn Effective study methods, how to study with Intention, Integrity & Inner Calm and Test Taking Strategies. They also learn how to recall the materials they are studying more effectively.

Reading lessons for kids

Reading with Coach Lulu is a program to help kids read with more understanding, they learn how to decode words using proper phonemic awareness.
They also learn to speak and articulate their vocabulary with confidence.

We offer Empowering Kids Workshops as well.

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