Honeydew A-maze-ing Mazes

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venue 82 Boland St
Honeydew Roodepoort West Rand
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We are open on weekends to give families an outdoor exercise option - certain conditions apply

10am-5pm, last ticket sales 2:45pm
We are open weekends to the public
No booking required

cost R150 adult
R100 child
R450 family (2a2c)
age From 6 years - All ages

We are open during Covid-19

Taking a walk in the fresh outdoor air has been recommended and our venue can provide that, along with a quiz to keep your mind off all the worries of the moment.

- You are welcome to bring a picnic or adjourn to one of the local eateries.
- All safety protocols are in place. Please adhere to Covid rules during your visit.
- Weekend pricing - Adults R150 Children R100 Family ticket (2a2c) R450

Weekend maze adventures for the whole family

We are open to the public on weekends and public holidays for family adventure and exercise on Saturdays and Sundays (and public holidays). We will be closed weekdays other than for small private events that comply with the current regulations.

We have the following mazes open (gate price covers all mazes):
Green Maze a very tricky small maze made from indigenous plants.
2 x Rope maze, suits everyone, Race each other over and under the ropes!
5 x Six minute mazes, mind puzzles, suits everyone.
Soccer shooting game-suits everyone
Climbing wall traverse the highest peaks, suits 12 and under
Hoopla suits everyone
Labyrinth- suits everyone; follow the curving paths until you reach the center of the labyrinth. Demonstrates the difference between a maze and a labyrinth
Elemental maze- Open. A more traditional maze, made from reeded walls, and with 9 doors that can be repositioned to refresh the challenge! There are five secret gardens to discover based on the 4 elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the Garden of Reflection. A very tricky maze! Will take about 90 minutes to solve. The maze is altered regularly so frequent visitors can never learn the maze! Everyone is given the Elemental Challenge sheet, and the objective is to find the 5 gardens and the 10 quiz boards and find there way out. There is staff in the maze to assist you if you cannot find your way out. Children under 15 need to be accompanied by an adult!

Masks will be required to access the property and sanitising and social distancing in all public areas will be both expected and enforced. As before only visitors who have purchased a ticket on arrival will be permitted entry to the property.

We prefer not to accept cash. The available payment options are Visa, Master, Zapper or Snapscan. We will not be preparing any food or drink on the property but will retail pre-packed soft-drinks, crisps and sweets.

Any large group (family plus extended family e.g.) will be required to break up into smaller teams for the maze activity. We will not split up family units and all children must be in teams controlled by an adult parent.

As said before, access to the giant Elemental Maze will be limited to 50 persons/12 teams at a time. The playing time is 75 to 90 minutes and as one team exits the next team will be permitted to begin their maze exploration.

All clipboards etc handed to players will be sanitised and a roaming staff member will sanitise the question board stations inside the maze. There is no need for players to touch any surfaces in the maze and each question board station will be positioned with an obvious detour so that it can be bypassed if occupied without breaching social distancing.

Another roaming staff member in the public area will sanitise the surfaces and equipment in this area. Some activities in the public area will not be playable under current regulations.

Seating in the public area will be spread about to encourage social distancing and may be limited. Visitors are welcome to bring a picnic blanket and a picnic.

Open for School outings and Corporate events

We are pleased to announce that bookings for weekday events have started to come in again. If you have a Covid-delayed booking from 2020 or would like to arrange a new school outing or a corporate event please contact us.
For more information consult our website or contact us by email.
We are not scheduling public moonlight mazes just yet but you can arrange a private one.
We remain open on weekends and public holidays for family outings, social adventure, and for kids parties.

Covid-19 protocol

Staff arriving will sign a register and their temperature will be recorded. They will wear a face mask and wear disposable gloves at all times. Any customer interaction will observe social distancing and sanitisation of contact surfaces and materials.

No cash will be accepted at the till. Only one customer/group will be permitted at the counter at any one time. Counter and card machine sprayed and wiped down after each transaction. All cold drinks and crisps etc issued to be sprayed and wiped.

Clipboards to be issued from the Coffee Shop sanitised along with answer sheet and pencil. Customers will return these to Coffee Shop whereupon they will be sprayed and wiped before being stored/re-issued. Answer sheets will be marked at a dedicated outside table.

Coffee shop person will issue complimentary ice-creams to a team after marking (no customer hands in the freezer).

Outdoor tables and seating stations will be distributed such that they are separated. These will be sprayed and wiped down before and after occupied by customers. Waste bins will be left open to avoid customer contact.

Please call to see how busy we are, as we will restrict the number of people in the maze at any one time. We so hope that you will come and enjoy some time in the fresh air.
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