Hannaford Learning Centre

133 7th Street
Linden Randburg Johannesburg View on Google Maps
We operate from: 7am-5pm
Please contact us for more information.
From 6 years - 13 years old

Home school centre, alternative learning centre, aftercare

Does your child struggle with the following problems(to list a few):

- Learning Ability
- Concentration
- Memory
- Trauma
- Self-esteem
- Stress management
- Self awareness
- Motivation

At Hannaford Learning Centre we implement and incorporate BrainGym - Educational Kinesiology is a dynamic and practical process to identify inefficient habits and transform them into natural and efficient new behaviours which address all the above problems and so much more.

Hannaford is a space for kids who need to learn in a way that suit them best. In this space we cultivate the heart of learning. We are a home school centre assisting kids who need a different environment and a different approach. Brain Gym is at the centre of our learning processes.We do this for one simple reason, WE ARE ALL UNIQUE!

Why choose brain gym?

It is a series of specific brain integrative movements designed to bring attention to and fully activate the neocortex of the brain (away from the survival centres), to stimulate myelination across the corpus callosum between the two hemispheres, and activate auditory, visual and kinaesthetic functioning for ease of learning.

At our centre we equip our kids with all the necessary tools to function at an optimal level. When the foundation is stable, our kids can thrive.

Through the practice of movement, communication and nutrition we teach, inspire and motivate our students.

"The inherent ability of the brain (plasticity) to change and adapt is awesome, provided we get the right amount of nutrients, oxygen, sensory stimulation and movement." Dr Carla Hannaford

We offer:

•Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym ®
•Aftercare – Healthy Lunch - Menu
•Homework Centre
•Academix Learning Program
•We follow the GDE Curriculum

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