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venue Office 1-3 Fontainebleau Village
Corner Rabie Road & Fourthlane St
time Mon to Fri: 12-9pm
Sat: 9am-3pm
cost Group classes from R80-R140 per class
age From 3 years - All ages

Dance Studio for kids & adults in Randburg

We offer private and group classes for kids and adults in a range of dance styles. We teach ballet, latin, ballroom, modern, tap, acro, bollywood and hip hop for kids and teens.

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Our Class Schedule

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Join our group classes on the following days:

Acro Classes:
Acro Tiny Tots (3-5 yrs) - Saturdays 11-11.30am
Acro Level 1 (5-7 yrs) - Mondays 3-3.45pm & Saturdays 11.30-12.15pm
Acro Level 2 - Mondays 3.45-4.30pm & Tuesdays 3-3.45pm
Acro Level 3 - Mondays 4.30-5.15pm & Tuesdays 3.45-4.30pm
Acro Level 4 - Mondays 5.15-6pm & Tuesdays 4.30-5.15pm

Ballet Classes:
Tiny Tots (3-5 yrs) - Saturdays 10-10.30am
Pre-Primary (5-6 yrs) - Saturdays 11.45-12.15pm
Primary (6-7 yrs) - Saturdays 10.30-11am
Grade 1 (7-8yrs) - Saturdays 11.00-11.45am
Grade 2 (8yrs and up) - Wednesdays 5.15-6pm & Saturdays 12.15-1pm
Adult Beginner Ballet (13yrs and up) - Thursdays 6-7pm
Adult Grade 4 Ballet (13yrs and up) - Wednesdays 6-7pm
Adult Intermediate Foundation Ballet (13yrs and up) - Thursdays 8-9pm
Adult Pointe Ballet (13yrs and up) - Thursdays 7-8pm
Adult Ballet Fitness (13yrs and up) - Wednesdays 7-8pm

Bollywood Classes:
Kids Bollywood (3-10yrs) - Fridays 6.30-7.30pm
Teens/Adults Bollywood (10-and up) - Fridays 7.30-8.30pm

Burlesque Classes:
Adult Beginner Burlesque (16yrs and up) - Mondays 7-8pm
Adult Intermediate Burlesque (16yrs and up) - Tuesdays 7-8pm

Contemporary Classes:
PreTeen Contemporary(6-13yrs) - Tuesdays 5.15-6pm & Thursdays 4.30-5.15pm
Adult Beginner Contemporary (13yrs and up) - Mondays 6-7pm
Adult Intermediate Contemporary (13yrs and up) - Tuesdays 6-7pm
Adult Advance Contemporary (13yrs and up) - Tuesdays 8-9pm

Flexi Fit:
Mondays 8-9pm: Flexi Fit (13yrs and up)

Hip Hop Classes:
Tiny Tots Hip Hop (3-5yrs) - Thursdays 4-4.30pm & Saturdays 10.30-11am
Kids Hip Hop(5-9yrs) - Thursdays 3.30-4pm & Saturdays 10-10.30pm
Pre-Teen Beginner Hip Hop (9-12yrs) - Mondays 3-3.45pm & Wednesdays 3.45-4.30pm
Pre-Teen Intermediate Hip Hop (9-12yrs) - Mondays 3.45-4.30pm & Wednesdays 4.30-5.15pm
Beginner Teens Hip Hop (13-19yrs) - Mondays 4.30-5.15pm & Wednesdays 5.15-6pm
Intermediate Teens Hip Hop (13-19yrs) - Mondays 5.15-6pm & Thursdays 5.15-6pm
Adult Hip Hop (13yrs and up) - Thursdays 7-8pm

Latin & Ballroom Group:
Tiny Tots Ballroom - Thursdays 3-3.30pm
Kids Ballroom - Thursdays 4-4.30pm
Adult Beginners Course 1 (13yrs and up) - Saturdays 9-9.45am
Adult Beginners Course 2 (13yrs and up) - Saturdays 10.30-11.15am
Adult Intermediate/Advance Course (13yrs and up) - Wednesdays 8.15-9pm
Adult Arg Tango or Salsa Course (13yrs and up) - Saturdays 9.45-10.30am
Adult Competition Technique (13yrs and up) - Saturdays 11.15-12pm

PreTeen Beginner Modern (7-12yrs) - Tuesdays 4.30-5.15pm
PreTeen Grade 3 Modern (7-12yrs) - Tuesdays & Thursdays 5.15-6pm

Nia Techinque:
Nia (13yrs and up) - Tuesdays 6-7pm
Nia (13yrs and up) - Saturdays 9-10am

Tap Classes:
Kids Tap(6-10yrs) - Tuesdays 4-4.30pm
Adult Beginner Tap (13yrs and up) - Tuesdays 7-8pm
Adult Advance Tap (13yrs and up) - Thursdays 6-7pm

Zumba Fitness Classes:
Zumba (13yrs and up) - Wednesdays 6-7pm
Zumba (13yrs and up) - Saturdays 9-10am
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Submitted on Wednesday, 20th June 2018 at 06:31:01 PM  
My daughter joined the studio 2 years ago and went from strength to strength in her dancing and loves every minute. The family feel and caring environment and support is amazing. I can recommend Five5Seven8 to any parent who’s child is keen to start dancing. There are so many dance styles available.
Submitted on Wednesday, 20th June 2018 at 06:29:40 PM  
My daughter loves being a part of this dance family. At 5678 she can be herself and enjoy being free whilst dancing. Lizanne is a magnificent teacher. There is a huge support structure and each dance teacher always encourages the kids. Love being a part of the studio.

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