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Buzz Themed Interactive Adventure Parties

Buzz offers Themed Birthday parties for children aged 3 to 9. Simply choose one of our party themes and contact us to book the perfect Party.

Buzz leaders will run an exciting, interactive adventure for your child and their friends at a time and place of your specification. Buzz will occupy and engage the kidz on a journey of fun to fit the occasion while you will have the opportunity to catch up with your friends!

Buzz Party entertainment packages start from R1800 (incl VAT.) Up to 20% “Early Bird” Discounts available. Subject to availability. Ts and Cs apply.

Themes include:


Cool and courageous Trolls, Princess Poppy and Branch are just back from a mission. Their first pit stop? Your child’s party! Poppy and Branch have just rescued their friends from “The Bergens.” But Oh No! Mr Dinkles – their favourite soft toy – got left behind. They need to go back. Let your child and all the birthday friends go on a totally terrific Troll adventure and save Mr Dinkles!


A superhero zips down from Planet Hero to your kid’s party. They are desperately looking for helpers! Are the kidz brave enough to join our Heroes? Can they fight the baddies and set the universe to rights? Friends of Batman, Superman and Catwoman, Buzz party leaders will train birthday boys and girls to become real Superheroes. Let’s restore peace to the galaxies.


The Buzz party leaders will arrive at the venue and transform into Moana and Maui. These characters are loosely based on characters from the smash hit, Moana. If your kid loves this film, they will enjoy the Buzz party, which makes use of some of the most popular songs from the film. Games throughout the Buzz party are "set to" the film's sound track. The Buzz leaders will unlock the story of Moana's quest to find the heart of Te Fiti and return it to the goddess (Te Fiti.) Similar to the film, there will be loads of banter and ear grabbing (in jest) between Moana and Maui as they have to rely on each other to restore life to the islands. Will they be brave enough to beat Te Ka? Come explore the high seas with this fierce, fabulous young lady - Moana - and her unlikely partner - Maui.

Paw Patrol

Furry friends – Marshal and Chase – are on a mission. They need to stop Mayor Humdinger and his side kicks from ruling over all the dogs on Adventure Island. “Man’s best friends” will need the help of all the birthday pals to defeat the naughty mayor. An action packed party with original Paw Patrol music. This party has kidz howling for more!

Fairy Tale Forest

Gosh! Something terrible is going on in the Fairy Tale Forest! Jack is having a birthday party at the top of his bean stalk. Of course, he did not invite the wicked witch. Green with envy, she has chopped down the stalk. All our favourite fairy tale characters are stuck up in the clouds. Can the birthday kidz get the Fairy Tale friends back down to their beloved forest? A magical adventure straight from the story books!


Olaf and Anna need some helpers! They need to make their way up the Northern Mountains and ask Elsa to reverse the spell that has all of Arendelle frozen in a freezing cold winter. Will your child and their birthday friends be the brave? Will they face the Snow Monster and restore happiness to all of the kingdom? A blizzardly brilliant Buzz!

Mermaids and Pirates

Hang in a hammock! Grab a coconut! Buzz with us down to Treasure Island. The Mermaid Queen’s Coconut has been stolen by Captain Hook. The coconut with its magical powers could land up in the wrong hands and spell trouble for all the Castaways friends of Treasure Island. Will the birthday friends help us find the Coconut? This is a hearty Party birthday adventure!


Our magical Unicorn friends, Bubbles and Sparkles are feeling a little pale lately. Oh dear, it’s not just them! All the colour is disappearing from Rainbow Land. That could only mean one thing, the Magical Pearls have been stolen. Who could have taken them? It seems the Dark Horse has something to do with it. Oh, no! It is up us to help Sparkles and Bubbles save the day. Maybe the birthday kidz can help us on our adventure. A magical equestrian adventure awaits!


Which is your child’s favourite pop star? Katy Perry, One Direction, Rihanna, Justin Bieber? The Buzz party leaders will challenge kidz to help their favourite popstar find the magic microphone that has been stolen. We will have kids up on their feet with fun songs, lots of dancing and hilarious games!

Star Wars

Meet many of the famous Star Wars characters on their epic journey. When Luke Skywalker’s Light saber gets stolen by the evil Darth Vader, the Rebel Alliance needs all the help they can get to take it back. Action packed games will keep all birthday kids enthralled during this imaginative adventure. May the force be with them!

Cat in the Hat

“The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play.” Not at this party! Thing One and Thing Two are as mad as ever! They will dash to your child’s birthday and look for some helpers. Their best friend, the Cat in the Hat, will not be happy when he finds out they have misplaced the keys to the big red wooden box with all its mad magical treasures. A Seussical adventure.

Ninja Turtles

Our ninja party leaders will transform into Michelangelo and April from the famous story. They will be training the party kidz in the art of Ninjutsu to defend their master Sensei, Splinter. Splinter’s black belt has been stolen by the villain, Shredder. Will the birthday boys and girls help the Ninjas get the belt back from Shredder? Book now, to find out.


Giggles Galore guaranteed. Mad minion magic that all kiddies know and love. Buzz leaders will transform into the well know super silly yellow minions and lead the way through a crazy adventure to find the magic PX41, stolen by the evil El Macho. This will be a birthday turns even Gru’s frown upside down. Smiles and fun guaranteed.
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Submitted on Tuesday, 26th November 2019 at 09:06:12 PM  
Thank you Buzz for making my son Joshua's ninja turtle theme party extra special. Roline was super, from her point of contact with me for her preparation, being prompt and her vibrant personality and enthusiasm whilst keeping kids entertained, I was so impressed. The kids had fun and my son felt special. Thank you once again.
Submitted on Saturday, 16th November 2019 at 01:39:48 PM  
Wowzi! What an awesome Jojo Siwa theme. Buzz Parties really outdid themselves. Every single friend enjoyed themselves. The birthday girl had the best time ever. She just loves Buzzing with Buzz. Thank you to our leaders that made the day so special.
Submitted on Monday, 11th November 2019 at 09:03:33 PM  
Thank you to Palesa and colleague. My daughters 5th birthday party (unicorn theme) was a hit with the kids were thoroughly entertained. The team from Buzz was punctual, engaging and very patient with the little ones. You will definitely hear from me again.
Submitted on Wednesday, 11th September 2019 at 08:33:18 PM  
Buzz came to us and did an hour of Star Wars themed party fun for our 6 year olds birthday party. They had 20+ kids enraptured the whole time and we thoroughly enjoyed their entertainment. Thanks to Buzz, we will definitely recommend you to our friends!
Submitted on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019 at 01:30:37 PM  
We had a fabulous Paw Patrol party with the Buzz Team! They are full of energy & enthusiasm and were a total hit amongst the kids!
Submitted on Saturday, 22nd June 2019 at 04:02:13 PM  
Marshal and Chase kept the children entertained with high-energy and interactive activities. They kept the attention of the group and the children thoroughly enjoyed their hour of Paw Patrol fun.
Submitted on Monday, 3rd June 2019 at 04:27:31 PM  
What a great experience! We couldn't have asked for a more energetic and fun party. They kept the 5 year olds entertained for an hour with music, dance and group interaction.
Highly recommended.
Submitted on Thursday, 30th May 2019 at 08:44:56 AM  
Buzz birthdays are the best, my daughter and her classmates had a great time... thank you Buzz drama, the entertainment was awesome.
Submitted on Wednesday, 29th May 2019 at 12:38:11 PM  
My daughter and her class enjoyed their Moana themed party... thank you Buzz
Submitted on Saturday, 18th May 2019 at 08:37:12 PM  
I think Buzz parties are absolutely the BEST thing you can do for your child. They keep the children busy for an entire hour, while the parents have fun drinking wine and hanging out. What a great experience!
Submitted on Tuesday, 12th March 2019 at 04:17:58 PM  
Wow, wow, wow! The buzz team held a Unicorn birthday party for my 9 year old daughter, was it super amazing, the kids had a load of fun and so did the adults. Well done to Buzz kids and the amazing party leaders.
Submitted on Monday, 26th November 2018 at 09:05:25 PM  
Thank you Buzz team for a brilliant party! From admin staff to performers you were all pleasant efficient and accommodated me at short notice . A special thank you to Savanna Palesa and Mo. Thank you for making Sivas Star Wars party super special! You buzzed your hearts out for us. Much appreciated. Kershnee and birthday boy Siva.
Submitted on Thursday, 18th October 2018 at 11:37:24 AM  
Thank you very much to the Buzz team for an amazing experience! Every child at the party displayed pure joy on their faces at the goings on. The Buzz team member played her part perfectly and the kids were genuinely disappointed when it all came to an end.
Submitted on Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 at 02:36:57 PM  
The Buzz team were so friendly and excited to be part of the birthday party. The kids absolutely loved every minute and I'm sure we will have the Buzz team back again next year!
Submitted on Sunday, 27th May 2018 at 06:52:59 PM  
Daniel loved his Minion Madness Party last Sunday and we would like to thank Buzz for making it such a success. The Buzz leaders kept the children highly entertained for the entire hour - all we heard was laughter and fun and games. The children (and parents) all said it was wonderful.
Submitted on Monday, 14th May 2018 at 12:51:38 PM  
The Buzz team were professional and exuberant! They made all Lyla’s party wishes come true! It was wonderful to see them taking children on an imaginary adventure, without technology!

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