Buzz Drama, Dance & Singing Workshops

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venue Parktown North
time Bryanston - Saturdays at 10.00 and 11.15
cost No obligation FREE trial workshop for each child. Thereafter fees apply. Recommend-a-friend and Sibling DISCOUNTS available
age From 5 years - 9 years old

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Drama, Dance & Singing workshops for kidz

Children who attend our workshops Buzz with energy, excitement and confidence. Workshops are great fun, include dance choreography to original music and they are taught songs especially created for Buzz.

Modern, fast, fresh, fun - we bring the arts alive and make it accessible. The games, activities and improvised play fits in to the termly Buzz theme, which changes every six months. There is a Buzz about a kid who attends our workshops! Strutting in their bright red Buzz t-shirt they are boppin' to the tune of their favourite Buzz track, which they have on repeat since a FREE CD comes standard with sign-up.

Workshops are custom designed to develop children’s CONFIDENCE, boost their SOCIAL SKILLS and offer them a platform to express their individuality. Children are led through improvised play and leave buzzing with CREATIVITY and confidence.

Led by talented, trained Actor-teachers, your child will have the best fun all week at their regular Buzz workshop.

Current Theme:

Outer Space

This intergalactic theme commences on 24 July 2017 and runs weekly in these venues.

Buzz kidz everywhere will meet the charming and charismatic: Scotty the Spaceman. He is on a mission to keep the galaxies safe from the ultimate villain, Galliumina and her Gas-o-Thron 3000. Scotty needs the help of all the Buzzers as they whiz through outer space in their super fast, super cool Rocket Ship, past planets and stars, to save the universe!

This theme kidz will move and groove to the ultra funky Space Jam Beat and get singing along to songs: Scotty the Spaceman, Rock Out Rocket Ship and the beautiful ballad: Just Like a Star. All songs are available at our Regular Buzz Workshops and Itunes and Amazon.


The Dance Junxion
Coachman's Crossing Shopping Centre
Shop 5 (Above Mugg and Bean)
Corner Peter Place and Karen Street

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Submitted on Thursday, 1st September 2016 at 10:11:39 PM  
Wow, Buzz Drama, Dance and Singing blew me away from the first time I set foot at one of their venues. My 7-year old daughter didn’t want to leave after she attended a workshop for the first time! She was totally hooked! My daughter is very reserved and had problems fitting in at school and didn’t want to interact with her peers or teachers at all. After she joined Buzz, I could see a difference in my daughter after only a few weeks. She was more lively and energetic and couldn’t stop dancing, singing and telling me (and everybody else!) about the magical adventures they embarked on weekly at Buzz. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears! Was this really my daughter? Her teachers at school were just as in awe. I am forever thankful and grateful towards Buzz for having such a major impact on my little one’s life. I know that the skills she is developing at Buzz will help her for the rest of her life. At this rate, she will probably want to keep on Buzzing forever!
Submitted on Thursday, 21st April 2016 at 11:02:01 AM  
My 2 girls have been Buzzing for a month now, and they were completely hooked from Day One! And although they adored it, they could never really verbalise what they did at Buzz. As the weeks passed, I would hear them singing snippets of songs that I had never heard before – words that were so positive and self-affirming – making me wonder where this was coming from? Then I attended the Buzz Open Day, and for an hour, I was completely enthralled watching my girls sing, dance, imagine and play in ways that I could never think up. And now I know where the songs come from! Having 3 kids, I have been through all the extra murals out there, and the Buzz Leaders engage the children so completely for that hour, with such a variety of techniques, that it becomes 4 extra murals rolled into one. My 5 year old extrovert now has a platform to show off on and my 7 year old introvert is learning from Buzz that she too can open up in a safe and fun environment. The end result? Such a big change her confidence!

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