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All ages

Specialist orthodontist

Orthodontics is not only about winning smile but a life long investment in correcting the position of your teeth Remember, a healthy bite is also easier to clean.

We are afforded one set of permanent teeth- treasure them! A person is never too old or too young to be treated as there are various treatment options according to the age of the patient and the problem we are faced with.

Orthodontics for kids:

Does your child have 'bunny teeth'? Does s/he suck a finger, thumb or lip? Does s/he sit alone at break or is s/ he bullied at school? Does your child's bite look lobsided, narrow or is there a tooth out of position in the front of the mouth? These are the types of problems that should be looked into from 7 years old. Build confidence at a younger age. Come and visit us and we can advise you accordingly.


Are your teens smiley pics taken with a lippy smile without teeth? Is h/she conscious of that jumble of teeth? Do you notice plaque build up or smell nasty breath on them? These point to issues with the alignment of teeth that can easily be corrected quickly and efficiently especially at a younger age. Pop in and we can have a look at your budding beauty.


Do you notice how much confidence your son/daughter has with that youthful, flashy smile? Do you think you've missed the opportunity? Are you afraid to begin correction of your teeth as an adult? STOP! There are loads of adults that have braces! You have an array of discreet appliances to choose from that will easily fit in with your busy lifestyle. Bring those worries with you- we will leave you at ease.

At Bruma Orthodontist we pride ourselves on the specialized and individualized care we provide. We are in a safe and homely environment for your precious gems and provide an affordable solution to your orthodontic needs. We look forward to meeting you and your crew!

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