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From 6 years - 18 years old

Music lessons for kids and teens

B Music or Burger Music School is a small business in the heart of Ferndale offering lessons in piano, vocals, flute, recorder, music theory, production, and djing alongside quint antiques and sweet cups of tea—free of charge at every lesson.


Because the owner, Emma Parlabean knows how hard moms work!

“When I started teaching kids, I needed that cup of tea to soothe me. I want to give my students the best lesson of their day; I can’t do that if I feel worn out. I can only imagine the moms need this 10 times more than me—and the dads. So I offer free cups of tea and coffee on request at every lesson.”

Music theory, production, recorder, flute, vocals & piano

Music Production: making, composing, and recording your own music can be a mega-confidence booster. There's nothing better than knowing that something you created is being listened to and enjoyed by hundreds of people. You’ll learn how to use various DAWs: FL, Cubase, and Alberton, and how to work with plugins and VSTs. Exams are offered through Rockschools.

Music Theory: learning how to read and write music can be so much fun! With this skill, you can play more complicated pieces and even compose your own. It’s a fundamental part of music and necessary in all parts of the music industry. Certain music theory grades are required in many settings to participate in exams. Music theory exams are offered through Trinity and ABRSM.

Recorder: the starting instrument for most musicians; the recorder is a wonderful lead for playing the piano, flute, and guitar. Exams are offered in ABRSM.

Flute: the flute is a magical instrument; it sings like a bird on a summer's day. It's charming to listen to, and so much fun to play. It’s a great instrument to have under your belt, especially if you want to have experience in playing in orchestral settings. There are just so many opportunities for this delightful instrument. Exams are offered through Trinity and ABRSM.

Vocals: find your natural singing voice; learn to control it, and use it to its fullest and most powerful potential. Exams are offered through Trinity and Rockschools.

Piano: fun, interactive lessons that will leave you spellbound. The piano is a complex instrument and requires intense coordination. But kids love it. Why wouldn’t they? It sounds beautiful.

Online Music Lessons

We also offer online music lessons to students anywhere in the world!

So what’s going on? Why haven't you started lessons at B Music yet?

Embark on a musical journey with Bmusic Studio! From thrilling drama to catchy vocals, enchanting piano melodies to show-stopping musical theatre, we've got it all! Our vibrant lessons foster creativity and confidence, creating a stage for young stars to shine. Join our musical family today and let's make melodies together!

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Going to Emma for vocal lessons for two months now. Results are amazing and having so much fun. Spending the hour a week is the best part of my week.
Thank You Emma

Submitted on Wednesday, 28th September 2022 at 10:59:42 AM

I highly recommend Emma Parlabean. She is such a gifted, enthusiastic and energetic music teacher. Her passion and love for music is evident by the way she encourages my kids and just wanting the best for the both of them.
She is such a patient, kind and sweet person. My kids love and adore her and she is just phenomenal with them. Her teaching skills are amazing and she makes every lesson so much fun for my kids. Her prices are very reasonable and she is worth every cent. I’m so grateful that a friend recommended her. You will not regret a single moment sending your children to Emma Parlabean for piano lessons. She is absolutely and undoubtedly a wonderful music teacher 🌸🎼

Submitted on Tuesday, 27th September 2022 at 10:29:05 AM

Best piano teacher. Emma's gentle, patient and caring nature mixed with a touch of eccentricness makes her the perfect piano teacher for kids to feel comfortable and enjoy piano.

It's such a joy witnessing my two kids enjoy every piano lesson. I highly recommend Emma. She is a real gem.

Submitted on Thursday, 22nd September 2022 at 09:38:55 AM

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