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From 6 years - 18 years old

Online Afrikaans tuition programs for school learners

Courses are accessible from anywhere in the world!
A series of comprehensive, prerecorded modules for children who attend English schools and must learn Afrikaans as First Additional Language. The program is designed to improve marks, but also to comprehend the language better.
And it’s fun!
• Lively, prerecorded videos
• Experienced, knowledgeable, animated teacher
• Colourful graphics
• Clear explanations
• Comprehension
• Conversation
• Pronunciation
• Vocabulary
• Grammar
• Spelling
• Reading

Assists with Afrikaans vocabulary, grammar & phonics

Each Level is a package of 10 modules. Each module contains:
1. Video lessons with Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence structures, phonics etc.
2. Reading video with sentence-by-sentence translation.
3. Reading video with the same text, Afrikaans only
4. Printable document with same reading: Afrikaans/English
5. Vocabulary practice sheet (pictures, English word and sentence, Afrikaans word and sentence)
6. Online Vocabulary APP to assess words learnt: Pictures, English, Afrikaans, and audio for each word
7. Printable Vocabulary sheet, Afrikaans reading and English/Afrikaans
8. Each Level contains a full 1-hour video of systematic phonics instruction, which will help your child read, pronounce, and spell Afrikaans properly.

Advantages of Afrikaans Success

• Affordable
• Convenient
• Online
• Any time, any day
• At a pace your child can manage
• He/she can rewind, listen, and look again as many times as necessary

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Stellie is a dedicated and passionate teacher. From day one of speaking to her, she shared her approach to teaching the Afrikaans language. Her approach is practical, she uses vocabulary in context with explanations and her video lessons are fun with songs and colourful pictures. She reinforces grammar rules in a systematic manner building on what was learnt previously. The lessons are online, watched at your own convenience and supplementary material is shared. Our daughter is enjoying working through the modules and we appreciate that Stellie has followed up on her progress. I highly recommend an initial assessment by Teacher Stellie who then guides on what modules to begin with. She has helped our daughter to embrace Afrikaans homework and prep for exams. Thank you Stellie… your passion and dedication are acknowledged and appreciated ☺️

Submitted on Monday, 21st August 2023 at 05:26:57 AM

Afrikaans as a second language is often a challenge for kids. My daughter has been doing fairly ok in Afrikaans but when I contacted Stellie at Afrikaans Success for lessons for my daughter we realised the huge gaps in terms of sentence structure, verbs, nouns and overall understanding of the language. My grade 7 is only now starting to get a proper foundation in Afrikaans, which I am confident, will take her to grade 12 with distinctions. Afrikaans Success has an enormous amount of content for tutoring, Stellie's classes and masterclasses are very well structured. Parent and learner feedback together with overall excellent communication is giving me a very comfortable feeling that my child is on the right track to excel in Afrikaans, which I didn't see prior to meeting Stellie.
Stellie - Thank you for making a huge difference and being so passionate about Afrikaans and your learners, your passion and drive as an educator is very inspiring.

Submitted on Friday, 17th March 2023 at 04:16:28 PM

My son is currently in Grade 7 and was struggling with some key Afrikaans concepts.
Stellie's passion for seeing her students succeed proved to be a huge aid for my son.
He produced an excellent result and even won an award for Afrikaans. Thank you. Stellie, and Afrikaans Success!

Submitted on Sunday, 12th February 2023 at 09:18:19 PM

I have been teaching for several decades. The programs offered by Afrikaans Success are interactive, contains very instructive videos and exercises which reinforce concepts. The content is based on the syllabus and the presentation of lessons is easy to follow, learn from and apply. Learners who follow these programs make excellent progress.

Submitted on Friday, 10th February 2023 at 12:24:44 PM

I was pulling my hair out in frustration. Afrikaans was my son's biggest nightmare. Contacting Stellie Elliott at Afrikaans Success was one of my best decisions. I could immediately see small increments in his progress, unlike in the past when he tried to avoid the subject. His confidence has also increased. Stellie's humorous approach to the subject has enticed him to become almost self driven. Without Afrikaans Success I would never have experienced a nightmare turning into daylight.

Submitted on Friday, 10th February 2023 at 12:23:02 PM

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