Crawford Alumni Feature: Justine Louw

Crawford Alumnus Justine Louw

Crawford Alumnus and High Court Attorney, Justine Louw, has already captured the respect of judges, peers and the community through the work she has done.

Currently, she is a POPI (protection of personal information) Consultant at Labournet. Her dream has always been to work for the United Nations Women. “We have no doubt she will accomplish whatever she sets her mind to”.

The Journey of Crawford Alumnus , Justine Louw

Among the success stories of the various Crawford Alumni, Justine Louw definitely stands out as someone who has set the bar high. In a recent interview, Justine shares her journey, highlighting the pivotal role Crawford played:

What made you decide to pursue law?

I am a person who has always believed in following rules and having a higher consciousness of doing the right thing. I have a great passion for justice and legal conformity.

You seem to be one of those people who live by their name. Like the future analyst, whose name was Crystal Ball.

Ha, ha, yes Justine does mean “just and fair” and so I believe it has always been my destiny to be working in the legal field, in some type of way, whether practising or not. It will always be a part of me.

It’s a quick and easy road to High Court for a criminal, but not so quick for a budding attorney.

True. I matriculated from Crawford International Sandton in 2013 and completed my LLB (Bachelors of Law) degree at the University of the Free State, attending lectures at Varsity College Sandton and also Cape Town Varsity College campus.

After completing my law degree in December 2018, I became a Candidate Attorney and completed my first year of articles of clerkship at Joubert Attorneys and thereafter ceded articles to Clark Attorneys in Rosebank to gain exposure in another field of law.

I gained experience in Labour Law; Employment Law; Business Law; High and Lower Court Civil Litigation; Third party claims; Personal Injury claims; Divorce and related matters, and the list goes on. I passed all four board exams, attended 6 months of Law School, all whilst completing my articles in anticipation of becoming an Attorney.

Do you have a favourite speciality?

I enjoy working in the areas of TMT (technology, media & telecommunications law), cyber law, human rights and gender mainstreaming. I’m highly interested in the alternative legal services sphere and seeking to penetrate the corporate environment while focusing on cyber security and technology and its intersection with human rights.

What about Human Rights Law is important to you?

I believe in leaving behind a legacy – the right to justice that outlives the individual. Human rights need guardians. Without protection, anyone’s rights can be violated.

You did a thesis on a human rights issues, didn’t you?

Yes, when I was studying in Cape Town, I completed my mini-thesis on ‘Human Trafficking in South Africa and the world at large’.

Crawford Alumnus: Justine Louw

What advice do you have for young students looking to one day study law?

There are a few points:

1. The subjects you should look at taking are history, business studies and accounting. Don’t be fooled about Accounting, it is very important and you will need to write board exams on it.

2. Understand that you are going to become the change in our legal system. Nothing is permanent and the systems around us are forever evolving. There are many options out there to get into law, with a general BA/BCOM or LLB (Bachelors of Law), without having to go the generic route of becoming an Attorney or an Advocate. Do your research on what options are out there, such as insurance, corporate, telecommunications, and see what best suits you.

3. Learn to love reading! That’s what it’s all about. Read, read and read some more.

4. Sorry to burst your bubble but being in law is not like an episode of ‘Suits’ or ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. Yes, they are based on some sort of reality and a functioning system, but they are very theatrical. It takes much more than wearing an expensive suit and having catch phrases all day, to be a good Attorney or Legal professional in South Africa.

Does South Africa have a good Court System?

Our court system has great potential for improvement which is already under way. Our country has made a great effort of accommodating its citizens by implementing an online court system due to the worldwide pandemic. The online court system is such a positive progression in our third world country and is fully functioning, with most hearings being held virtually.

How did Crawford assist you for this career path?

I always had the support of my teachers when I needed help, especially when I decided to change my career path choice from medicine to law in Grade 11. I had to change from Physical Science to Business Studies and both of the teachers involved were so accommodating with my transition. As a top private school, Crawford really built my confidence in my abilities and allowed me to explore my options. It taught me that you need to be yourself and discover what you want out of your life.

Learn more about Crawford International’s commitment to provide a dynamic, personalised learning journey for each student here.

Other than focusing on everything legal, what can we expect from Justine?

I recently signed with a modelling agency -GAPA Model Agency. I am now a POPI consultant in South Africa, doing what I love and enjoying every minute of it. One of my biggest dreams is to work for the United Nations Woman. That is something that I know I still will accomplish in my lifetime – just watch this space.

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