Give Them a Voice, Give Them a Choice! Unique to Crawford.

Crawford International

Do you know what sets Crawford International schools apart from all other private schools in South Africa? It simply comes down to unique learning experiences.

Crawford International has four dynamic learning pillars that all Crawford schools adhere to. These include:

  • Local and Global Relevance,
  • Future Focused Skills,
  • Personal Learning Journey and;
  • Student Agency.

All of these offer Crawford International students an education beyond expectation. So, what is  Student Agency, and the exciting concept of ‘Voice and Choice’? 

What is the unique Student Agency?

The action of learning through activities that are meaningful and important to the student. These activities are often driven by the student’s own interests and are initiated by the student.

To put it simply, Student Agency is the act of a student shaping their own education by :

  1.  Voicing their ideas, designing their own projects, leading discussions, and setting goals; and
  2.  Choosing what and how they learn.

Voice and Choice

Traditionally, South African schools were governed by set rules, regulations and procedures, and conformity was non-negotiable. Traditional teachers were mostly dictators with a ‘my-way-or-the-highway’ stance to learning and students were considered just a small part of a greater whole.

Crawford International schools work differently, embracing the individuality of their students and encouraging them to make important decisions for themselves in regard to their education. Choices students are encouraged to make include: choosing their own bouquet of subjects, choosing which teachers they would like to work with and even choosing how they would like to wear their uniform.

Personal Investment

It’s a fact that the concept of ‘Voice and Choice’ not only helps students to feel personally invested in their own education, but it also allows them to be actively involved in shaping their own learning experiences.

It’s a concept that centers on the sharing of knowledge and ideas, rather than a one-way push of information.


Student disengagement has long been a challenge for all schools, but it has been proven that with learning concepts such as ‘Voice and Choice’, students are naturally more engaged in lessons.

This is because they have been given the opportunity to tap into their interests, passions and their strengths, which naturally raises their level of engagement in lessons. And with increased engagement in lessons comes increased performance overall.


School leaders and world educators have said that schools that have implemented Student Agency and ‘Voice and Choice’ into their learning model have experienced a far smoother transition into hybrid learning, in the face of the current worldwide pandemic.

This is because students participating in Student Agency learning do not need to wait for a teacher to tell them what to do. These students are able to move forward academically much more easily than others who have never had the experience of taking ownership of or shaping the path of their learning.

Student Agency, featuring the concept of ‘Voice and Choice’ learning is just one of the dynamic educational pillars offered by Crawford International Schools to our students.

We will present insights into the next three pillars over the next few weeks.

For more information on Crawford International

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