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Choosing the right University or College is probably the first important life decision a student will make for themselves; studying abroad is possibly the most life changing!

Which student doesn’t seek an enriching opportunity to help launch their career? A chance to explore a different country and to experience a new culture, while meeting interesting people from all over the globe?

Many have considered studying abroad, but at this time have wondered whether it is sensible, safe and viable? They potentially questioned if it is even possible? The answer is yes, and Crawford offers to guide you and explain how.

While the road to an international degree can be complex for some South Africans, studying abroad for Crawford International students is well within reach.

Crawford International’s newly-formed partnership with Global Education makes studying abroad easy.

Crawford International aspires to provide an education that is locally and globally relevant. As part of this philosophy, they are proud to announce that they have partnered with Global Education to link Crawford students to universities all over the world.

Global Education is an authorised company that focuses on helping students gain access to over 300 of the best universities across the world. They understand which universities would be a suitable for which students. They are also the bridge between self-funded students and the university application process, offering a stress-free experience for parents.

Some of the benefits Crawford International students can look forward to when working with Global Education include:

Informative webinars.

Global Education connects Crawford students to representatives of the top universities through engaging webinars. Students will get the opportunity to speak with the university representatives and receive first-hand information directly from the university.

Application advice.

Global Education helps counsel Crawford students in making the best decisions for their learning journey. They provide individual consultations to determine the university/college, course, and campus that best fit the student’s desires and ambitions.

Application assistance.

Global Education assists Crawford students with the application process and placement at international universities from start to finish. Services include:

  • Assistance with study visa processes,
  • Securing on-campus accommodation,
  • Airport pick-up,
  • UCAS processing, and
  • Guidance with personal statements.

No additional costs

Global Education assists Crawford students with the application process and placement at international universities at no additional cost to the student. Payments are made directly to the university of choice.

Global Education has a flawless track record assisting and supporting students with their journey abroad. Many Old Crawfordians have made use of their services in the past and one such happy student is Nicholas Konidaris.

“Global Education provided a friendly and easy way to apply for my postgraduate studies at Queensland University of Technology in Australia. Their staff are always willing to help at any time of the day with any challenge or problem, from degree applying to travel enquiries. I would recommend Global Education to anyone who would like to study abroad and wants a friendly long-term relationship with their education provider.”

Studying abroad

Nicholas Konidaris, Old Crawfordian, Matriculated 2015

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Pathway Programmes

Students who do not meet the admission requirements for their chosen course can still apply to study at a high ranked university or college. The pathway programmes are designed to help students prepare for higher education studies and degrees. Global Education provides students with guidance on the different pathway programmes available to help them achieve their dream of studying abroad.

Ensure an effortless transition into your new international education experience with Crawford International and Global Education, enquire today.

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