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Dibber SA

Dibber International comes to South Africa! Jozi Parents can look forward to an exciting new option for education for toddlers and preschoolers. The proven, international kindergarten school has launched two schools in 2022, offering a dynamic approach to traditional preschool.


083 306 4560  / bryanston@dibber.co.za

200 Bryanston Drive, Bryanston, 2191


060 657 0905 / fairlands@dibber.co.za

146 Smit Street, Fairlands, Randburg

AGES: 18 months to Grade R

This exciting offering opens its doors at a time when many South African parents are rethinking the model of education. Read more to understand how Dibber is invested in the holistic development of your child:

What is Dibber?

Dibber is the largest chain of kindergartens in the Nordic countries with over 520 high-quality pre-schools in 8 different countries.

Dibber understands that childhood is an infinitely important phase of life. Together with parents, the school is committed to building a strong childhood foundation.  Dibber invites you to meet generous, warm, and knowledgeable people who will give your child personalized attention and a safe space to explore, play, fail and succeed.


The Dibber Promise to Parents and Caretakers:

“We will work together to establish a social learning arena that leaves lasting impressions. We do this by creating a safe and good upbringing for all children, and we need you as a part of our team. By collaborating in this way, we make the world’s most important resources in the world thrive!”

What does Dibber offer?

At Dibber, all 9000 plus employees believe that our Nordic roots and international footprint will benefit you, your child and the school – together your children will learn to master life.

What is the Nordic model? Instead of solely prioritizing academic achievements, the Nordic model champions a holistic approach to learning, with the student at its core. This holistic view of education promotes values such as autonomy, collaboration and play as a part of learning.

A Heart Culture

The beautiful atmosphere where everyone is included and cares for each other. Dibber believes it is important for children to experience that we wish each other well AND that we have a big heart for other people.

Playful Learning

Traditionally, play and learning have been seen as opposites. Dibber strives to change this approach.

Joy of Mastery – every day

Dibber understands and supports that the joy of reaching for goals, succeeding at new things, and mastering challenges form a beneficial, foundational structure for life. The “I can!” program gets kids involved in various challenges and with the greatest support and encouragement, they develop mastery and skill,  and gain confidence and independence.

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Holistic Child Development

Life is a discovery! Dibber creates experiences, friendship, learning opportunities and memories together. These new experiences will shape children’s development and lay the foundation for life mastery and lifelong learning. Dibber calls this holistic child development.

Holistic child development focuses on developing a child´s cognitive, emotional, physical, and social abilities simultaneously.  Dibber always follows each individual child’s needs, experiences, skills, and knowledge when planning learning opportunities and activities.

Language – Great conversations

At Dibber, they actively and systematically work on conveying understanding texts, the ABCs and sound recognition to provide our children with the best start to their own reading and writing journey.

Creativity – All children are little artists!

All children shall experience the joy of being creators! They will use their imagination and creativity. When creativity unfolds, the joy of mastery is evident. Creativity strengthens the self-image and generates a sense of safety. Dibber encourages the use of imagination and creative thinking, and by this, they give the children an excellent starting point for finding their individual creative expression.

Problem-solving is an integral part of the creative process and a crucial part in children’s learning process. When children solve problems, they comprehend different perspectives and detect solutions that are within their reach. Problem-solving is one of the methods Dibber uses to inspire creativity.

“At Dibber, we encourage imagination and allow ideas to fly free.”

The joy of music

Music is a wonderful tool to create community and inclusion in a group of children. It contributes to good connections, good relations and a sense of cultural belonging. Dibber explores different music genres, musical instruments and music from different countries and cultures. They also create opportunities for children to create their own music, using both their voice and instruments, and even with the help of digital tools.

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Little scientists – Great discoveries​

Children are, natural inquirers. They have an innate drive to find out about their surroundings. Wondering and exploration are the foundations for development, learning, and well-being.

With the help of the learning friend Woody Woo, kids explore the world around us, both indoors and outdoors. They learn about nature, animals, astronomy and science, by observing, experimenting and exploring our wonderings. They also take an extra close look at our local community and society. “What can we find in our community? Who are the people in our community? How do we take care of our community?”  Dibber also want to make sure children are environmental agents that care about the world. Therefore, they put great emphasis on environmental awareness regarding the waste we produce, the food we eat and the things we buy.

“When children wonder and explore, they learn to learn!”

Math – Lets count!

Dibber’s math program covers numerous areas based on core knowledge of numbers, space, and shapes. The tasks and assignments allow each child to develop essential skills needed for life. Repeated or used individually, the tasks will document the child’s way to mastery. The activities are varied, accessible, and visible – designed to establish vital competence.

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The meal

Dibber’s meal concept is called “The Meal”. The Meal provides the children with a varied and nutritious diet, which opens a world of exciting flavors. They will participate in preparing, cooking, and serving the meals, and help with the cleaning afterwards. Every day, Dibber endeavors to make meals a pleasant time by embracing conversation, reflection, learning, and fellowship. The school focuses attention on fresh ingredients, their origin, how they’re grown, and how kids can protect the nutritional value and excellent taste while preparing dishes. If possible, they also grow their own food if there is an appropriate outdoor space for that.

Transitioning from kindergarten to school

​Dibber has an engaging learning program for our school starters, where they promote children’s exploration and learning. The school start program is a part of the Dibber curriculum which is based on a proven Nordic curriculum framework. It focuses on children’s holistic development, and the 7 learning friends bring learning subjects alive. The kindergarten shall facilitate the school start by providing experiences, knowledge, and skills that provide a sound basis and motivation for starting school.

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Contact Dibber SA

For more information on launch dates, enrolments and fees you may:




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