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Oh Gosh! It’s exams already and kids are still struggling to understand key concepts after what seemed to be an extended holiday, Mum-school, self-study and a lot of uncertainty.  Extra lessons and tuition in various subjects will help to get better grades and will definitely help manage anxiety. Master current concepts and confidently step into the new year.

Prepare for exams – enrol for group, individual and online extra lessons in Gauteng for kids and teens who need help with Maths, Science, English, Reading study skills and any other subject.  


Cool to Read: extra lessons

  • AGE: 4yrs – 13yrs
  • WHERE: Online
  • Type: Reading Skills
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Literacy is the key to success! Achieve overall academic success with online reading help, designed for those who struggle to read English. Inspiring confidence and empowering kids to read fluently with understanding. Read, it’s cool! Free assessments. Enquire now


Kumon - extra lessons

  • AGE: 3yrs+
  • WHERE: Various venues
  • SUBJECTS: Maths & English
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Enrol today for a great headstart on school next year! Boost your child’s Maths and English, build solid foundations and instill skills for lifelong learning. Kumon offers home-based study programmes supported by weekly visits to your nearest Covid-compliant centre or through online classes. Enquire now


Enrol in one of FIVE Master Maths & Science centres that will help you make 2020 count! Open Mon – Sat at varying times, contact: 

AGES: Maths Gr 4- 12 | Science Gr 10 – 12

DEALS: Save 30% ! See above.

A unique method that makes every student a master! It is progressive and interactive, using animations on a computer to explain specific concepts. Inspired tutors then step in to assist students even further and motivate them to master a concept, so that Maths and Science across all curriculums and levels is a breeze!

Choose to receive tutor assisted lessons onine, or at the centre. Supplemented by the self paced online lessons which you can access at no extra charge for the remainder of 2020.

Maths  Gr 4 – 12.  Core Maths,  Maths Literacy,  upgrades through the IEB, supplementary preparation, Cambridge (IGCSE, AS levels),  NBT preparation.

Physical Science Gr 10 – 12.  Upgrades through the IEB, supplementary preparation


  • AGE: 3yrs -16yrs
  • WHERE: Ferndale, Randburg | Online
  • SUBJECTS: Reading | Maths
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The remedial therapist that brings out the best in every child! With enthusiasm, love, understanding and expertise every lesson is adapted to suit age, ability and interest. Online and in-person lessons, specialising in all areas of reading difficulty, dyslexia and Maths problem solving. Enquire now


  • AGE: 6yrs – 18yrs
  • WHERE: Randburg | Centurion | Online
  • DEALS: Save up to R130
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  • WATCH: Video
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Specialists in private tutoring, offering both online and in-person lessons. Experienced tutors understand your child’s needs, and offer a variety of educational support services, including extra lessons, study skills and home school tutoring. Enquire now


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