How I balance work and home

balance work and home with kid on moms lap

I was able to spend quality time with my children for the first 5 years of their lives. I only worked a few hours twice a week allowing me the independence and experience of the workforce.  Simultaneously I was able to spend quality time with my kids on the days I didn’t work.

Being at home was very fulfilling making sure that my kids had eaten well, and enjoyed their playtime. There is nothing to compare with the joy of feeling their tiny heads falling asleep on my shoulder, the butterfly kisses that they showered me with and the confidence with which they talked to me. These moments cannot be reinvented because they need you the most at these tender ages before starting school.

Now that my kids are all in school, I work half day. They run to the car each day excited to see me and eager to tell me the days happenings. They know the drill, lunch, homework, prayer, and playtime. We learn together every moment of the day, instilling values that I wish my child to grow up with.

If my kids stay over at granny’s place and return I feel as if I missed a chapter in their lives because the bonding we encounter on a daily basis.

In Islam for a woman ‘what is hers is hers and what is her husbands is hers as well. This simply means she need not contribute to the household essentials as the husband should be the breadwinner.
 When we exercise this right then we have the choice to be stay at home moms without having to suffer the financial burden.

I feel fortunate that with my husband’s help I was able to find the perfect balance for me and my family.  I do understand that this is not always possible and many women do not have the choices I had due to economic and other circumstances.

I believe that finding a way to spend quality time with your kids is a priority, especially during the tender ages. It is trying a lot of the times but the reward and satisfaction is invaluable.

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Nazmeera Moonda

Nazmeera Moonda

Nazmeera Moonda, mom to 4 beautiful children, Arabic teacher, loves travelling and cooking, endlessly curious about the world and invaluable Jozikids staff member.

5 Responses

  1. slms Nazmeera
    im 5months pregnant and iA ALLAH grants me the time that i have now to last till my child is ready to go to school
    you lucky u too have a halftime job,just like teachers-u benefit alot from this profession especially you realise this when you have kids!

  2. I know the feeling. I am lucky that I get flexi time and can start at 7am and finish at 3pm. then I have some sort of quality time with my 4 year old and 1 year old. Since having 2 though it has become the hardest job and there are times I resent coming to work and leaving them at school and the nanny, but the choices are not always in our favour. This does however not stop me from always thinking of another way or finding a new job that will allow me to spemd more time with them. What is the hardest though is having enough energy to spend the quality time and not always rushing them off somewhere, like dinner, bath, then bed…… We are always rushing it seems. So I am in full support of all the working moms. At least there is someone out there who knows what we go through

  3. Hello
    You are fortunate to have had the choices you had and that your husband was able to allow you the choice to stay home with your children until they started school. For some, like myself, whether married or a single parent, it is not always an option you can exercise.
    I was fortunate enough to stay home with my little one till she was 6 months old, but then had to return to work. Unfortunately I also need to work full day, and she has had to go to creche / now pre-school till I am able to collect her at 5.30pm. I know that many parents find themselves in the same position as myself, and the little ones are tired when we collect them.. The care-gives at the school are basically raising our children while we work, but we need to put food on the table and provide homes for them and this necessitates that we work. Quality time needs to be done over the weekend as the weekdays are too rushed… with preparing supper, bathing, and getting child ready for bed.. I usually lie down with my daughter when she goes to sleep and allow her a few more minutes before she has to sleep as this is when she will chat about her day and is possibly the best quality time we have in the day.

  4. Its very difficult for me but I’m trying my outmost best to juggle the two.
    Work is important as it gives me money to provide for my two kids.
    They are very important and sometimes I feel I’m not spending enough time with them and that hurts hey!its a blessing to be a mother but needs lot of work.

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