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It’s party time! No more holding back, or zoom parties – the party fever is rising as we return to some sort of normal life. So, mask up, sanitise and get ready for safe, clean party fun in and around Gauteng. features a parties section that covers everything you need to host a party, including party venues for both indoor and outdoor parties. 

To make it easier to select the perfect party venue, read below to get a feel for what you would like. Then click away to find the perfect venue, in an area closest to you. It’s that simple!

Outdoor Party Venues in Gauteng

GPS co-ordinates in hand, you could navigate yourself anywhere in Gauteng , and surrounding areas, to unravel some true outdoor party fun. Start by clicking on an area that would be convenient for both you and your guests, and discover a list of outdoor party venues within. You could pack some shade or rain cover, picnic baskets or catered cuisine, BUT, lose the fuss Mum! Does it really matter when we having fun? Go out and explore outdoor party venues in: 

Johannesburg:  City of Wonder

outdoor party venue Jhb

Jozi never fails to surprise. Even in the midst of the hustle and bustle, of taxis honking and petrol fumes choking, of skyscrapers and narrow streets, there’s an outdoor party venue that would prove tranquil, cut-off, almost estranged from the madness. You could book a venue for a baby shower, or kids party in a tick, and what’s more is that you could keep it simple and informal or make use of the facilities and extras provided. Zoos, life size military tankers, golf, horse-riding , zip-lining and even snow-boarding have a place in this pulsating land of lights, Johannesburg. It’s the Real Thing! Click here for venues in Johannesburg.

Midrand: Let’s Meet Half-Way

outdoor party venue midrand

An outdoor venue in Midrand may be the perfect fit for a guest list that is populated with both Tshwane and Johannesburg addresses. Beyond the traffic congestion of the M1, and surrounded by the borders of both cities lies a gap of fresh air. Smaller zoos, tea gardens and the like offer dedicated party venues for babies, kids and adults. Most are equipped with your every need to make a successful party. Friends of the city, you have no excuse! We’ve come out to meet you, almost there! Click here for venues in Midrand.

C is for Centurion

On the edge of the city lies Centurion. Home to some tranquil, fresh Earth and pleasant feel party venues that can stir childhood memories of climbing trees and milking cows. Aaah! Let’s not spoil the surprise: click to discover more.

Chewing through Tshwane

acrobranch outdoor party venue

Princes and Princesses, come hitherto in a land of fantasy. Walk through gardens of roses and sip on High Tea with a view of the Union Buildings beyond. Better yet, tighten the armour, but loosen the glam in a paintball war. Sing to the birds and the bees, and even the jungle beast. There’s just so many outdoor party venues to choose from in Tshwane: feast your eyes on this list. Let’s celebrate!

West Rand: The sun is setting in the sky

outdoor party venue - pines resort

And over the horizon, where the sun is setting, painting hues of pinks and purples, oranges and blues, a land full of party squeals, of animal petting zoos and tea gardens, of gurgling water parks, and solemn vows goes to rest. Recharging for the day to follow. Recharging to bring happiness and joy to yet another kid, yet another parent, yet another bride or mum- to-be. Muldersdrift and Roodepoort, amongst other suburbs of the West Rand are outdoor party havens for any sort of function you can dream of. Enjoy the African skies as you explore the Wild, Wild West.

East Rand: Birth of a new day

East Rand outdoor party venue

A little bit of sunshine in the skies, a little bit of airplanes flying by, a little bit of coffee on the side, a little bit of adventure in my stride, a little bit of pottery to make a smile, a little bit of everything in the East Rand sun dial. When all else fails, when darkness prevails:  head East! Awaken to great fully functional outdoor party venues in the East Rand.

Stretching to the borders of the Vaal

outdoor party venue vaal

If you can see the flame of the Power Stations, if you can smell the fish in the dams and rivers, then you should explore outdoor kids party venues in the Vaal. Be Merry on a Ferry or hop on to the restaurant:  the Vaal awaits.

Hearty Harties

party venue harties

In a land not so far away, little city sleekers come to play. Forget the SUVs and fancy cars, here we absorb breathtaking views of the Hartebeespoort dam and the lush mountains from a bike, from cableways, from sunset cruises… we walk through tunnels and explore. Hartebeespoort is home to some of the most beautiful resorts and outdoor party venues, a stones throw away from the City. Stop monkeying around, extend your trunks to the popular animal sanctuaries of Harties.

North West: Crossing Borders

canopy tour - outdoor party venue

Not west, but North West  towards the wealth of platinum. Mountain sanctuaries, sprawling the lands, spectacular views and mindful temperatures provide for exhilarating outdoor party venues, packed with adventure. Canopy tours, outdoor camps, adventure parks and the like is what you will find here. A little more than the usual travelling distance, these venues make for special treats. Click here for outdoor venues in Magaliesberg.

Begin your search for the perfect outdoor party venue

The sky is the limit! Just about any sort of kids party, baby shower, bridal shower, wedding reception, or social event can happen in the space provided between earth and sky. Mark your parameters between travel distance, Party Theme , and cuisine then click on the area you would like to explore and get booking.

Indoor Party Venues in Gauteng

Indoor venues are popping all over the region in Gauteng. They’re popular, easy and carry half the stress of travelling, setting up and watching the weather report. 

City Slickers- party venues in the cities

indoor party venues - art jamming

Busy Mums and Dads often don’t have the time to plan a party, forget travelling out of the city to greener pastures. Most shopping malls and restaurants are home to some of the best indoor party venues for kids. These range from laser tag, gaming arcades, to ski decks and more. Ideally convenient for travel and catering purposes, as well as time constraints, and the risk of non-refundable activities should the weather behave badly, this can be the “all under one roof” solution for last minute parties. In fact, urban dwellers of Johannesburg and Pretoria may prefer the lights, technology, scientific discoveries, wifi connectivity and warmth these venues offer.

Don’t be fooled though- there’s just as much action indoors as there is outdoors- jumping, skiing, driving, virtual reality, shooting, golf,  cooking, baking, arts and crafts – there’s room for itchy fingers, enquiring minds and even those couch potatoes.

On the Outskirts- party venues in surrounding suburbs

indoor party venue- playtown

Spacious and calm, the outlying areas to the cities offer just as many indoor kids party venues as the City. Without driving into the fumes and traffic congestion, residents of the East Rand, West Rand and the Vaal will also find suitable venues that ward off the rain or intense heat a stone’s throw away. Of course these venues offer all the conveniences of those in the city: catering, entertainment, and fun, fun, fun! No need to keep a tab on weather predictions, no need to lug shade, gazebos, sunblock and jackets ” just in case”. It’s pretty much book, arrive, eat, socialise and literally have a blast!

Take a ride on the local fire truck, jump on a giant inflatable or tough trampoline, paint, draw, or throw a ball, you may find there’s more to do at home than the local park. City lights are but an illusion- look close, you have it all! Shrieks, shrills, smiles and smirks: put a roof on it! Remember, what happens at the party stays at the party “all undercover, Mum.”

Let’s get searching – How to find Indoor party venues on

From toddlers to teens and tweens, and even families every one of you will find something that tickles your fancy. Click on the area closest to you or browse through the growing list of indoor venues, click, book and send out the invites!

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