Directed by Marc Osborne The Little prince is an animated fairy tale based on Antoine de Saint-Expéry’s famous novel.

The adaptation introduces the viewer to a brilliant young girl, whose  pushy mother wants to enrol her in the Werth Academy, a prestigious school for gifted children. She buys a house near the Academy and sets up an  impossible study schedule for her daughter to work though during the summer vac, to ensure that the child passes the entrance exam.

The little girl hears strange noises coming from the house next door and goes to investigate. There she meets an elderly, long retired aviator who tells her the story of how he met the little prince in the desert after crashing his plane. He recounts the tale of how the boy had traveled from a far away asteroid,  and the little girl is engrossed. The two become firm friends and her mother is horrified when she discovers that her daughter has been distracted from her studies. However, she continues to visit the Aviator in secret to hear the continuing tale of the Little Prince.

The animation is sensational, bringing the adventures to life in vivid 3D colour. And,  there are valuable life lessons to be learned.

The little ones will enjoy the movie at face value but older kids and adults will understand the message this classic tale  conveys.

The impressive voice over cast includes Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams, Ricky Gervais and Marion Cotillard.

The movie releases on 11 December, just in time for the Christmas holidays.

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