All kids are smart. Which type of smart is your child?

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All kids are smart, not only those who excel in maths and science. In fact, American Psychologist, Dr Howard Gardner criticised the way society defines intelligence. He suggests there are nine different types of intelligence.

Explore the list below to discover what type of smart your child is. Consequently, find a suitable career! 



The 9 types of intelligence

1. Nature Smart

Naturalist Intellligence: Children who enjoy going camping and doing various outdoor activities.

Forget the books and classrooms. There’s so much to see in the world out there – animals and life itself. In our evolutionary past, these were the hunters, gatherers, and farmers. 

Suitable professions: Nature smart people can become botanists, veterinarians or chefs. Travel bloggers who enjoy adventures are nature smart too. 


2. Sound Smart

Musical Intelligence: Children who recognise sounds and tones with ease. 

The humming kid. These kids have a “good ear” for music and can easily learn songs and melodies. They recognise when someone is singing off-key. Often the class clown for imitating teachers and peers – these kids have a knack for all things sound. 

Suitable professions: Sound smart people can become composers, conductors, musicians, vocalists, and sensitive listeners. 


3. Number Reasoning Smart

Logical Mathematical Intelligence: Children who are interested in problem solving, experiments, and strategy games. A round of chess is welcome!

The nerds  – most would certainly say. These kids would rather calculate, quantify, rationale, while the rest just play. They carry out complete mathematical operations. Furthermore, they can organise information with ease. Their minds are occupied observing relationships and connections. Lastly, they make use of thinking patterns. 

Suitable professions: Mathematicians, scientists, and detectives. To develop this intelligence, play logic and pattern games like Sudoku. You can also encourage them to find the pattern in a poem, etc.


4. Life Smart

Existential Intelligence: Children who ask questions about life and death.

Probably the kid that challenges you the most. They usually ask deep questions about life.  “What is the essence of our existence?”  “Why do we die?”  “How did life end up like this?” 

Suitable professions: Life smart people can become writers and philosophers. 


5. People Smart

Interpersonal Intelligence: Children who are leaders among their peers. Likewise, they understand others’ feelings and motives.

Everybody’s friend. These kids have great verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Moreover, they can recognise differences among people.  Hence, they are also sensitive to the personalities of others.  Above all, they have the ability to hold multiple views.

Suitable professions: People smart people can become teachers, social workers, actors, and politicians. 


6. Body Smart

Bodily-Kinaesthetic Intelligence: Children who enjoy sport and movement such as dancing and crafts.

Often, the one who steals the show on the field. Or the perfect gymnast. Above all, they are your multi-taskers, using a variety of physical skills. Most noteworthy is their sense of timing and the perfection of skills through mind-body unification.

Suitable professions: Body smart people can become athletes, dancers, surgeons, and craftsmen.


7. Word Smart

Linguistic Intelligence: Children who enjoy writing, reading, telling stories or doing crossword puzzles.

When your 6 year old uses the vocabulary of a 26 year old! This is the ability to use language to express themselves. These kids appreciate literature and a wider vocabulary. 

Suitable professions: Word smart people can become poets, novelists, journalists, and public speakers.  


8. Self Smart

Intrapersonal Intelligence: Children may be shy, but they are superbly aware of their own feelings. These are self-motivated kids. 

Confident and composed. This intelligence allows you to understand yourself as well as your own thoughts and feelings.

Suitable professions: Self smart people can become psychologists, spiritual leaders, and philosophers. 


9. Picture Smart

Spacial Intelligence: Children who are fascinated with mazes or jigsaw puzzles. They spend their free time drawing, playing with building blocks or daydreaming.

Seeing and understanding in three dimension – imagine that! These kids have advanced mental imagery skills and spatial thinking. They can easily alter an image and have remarkable graphics and artistic skills. They are the kids with an active imagination.

Suitable professions: Picture smart people can become sailors, pilots, sculptors, painters, and architects. 

Be intelligent parents

Finally, knowing about these nine intelligences empowers parents and teachers to look at children (and adults) in a broader sense. Each kid has a dominant intelligence that should be recognised and developed. Don’t judge a fish on its ability to fly!

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