Multicultural Awareness at home: 8 ways to do it

multicultural awareness

“Look Mum, look!” These words, joyfully exclaimed by young children, can evoke a mixture of surprise and apprehension in any parent. You find yourself wondering: What has caught their attention? Why are they so excited? Can the person they are pointing at hear them?

Children often behave this way when they encounter something unfamiliar – perhaps a person with a disability or someone from another culture, adorned in traditional attire. In a country as diverse as South Africa, instead of immediately hushing your child with a stern “It’s rude to point,” pause for a moment and seize the chance to impart a valuable lesson in diversity and multicultural awareness.

Teaching our children about other cultures, races, religions, and backgrounds not only strengthens their own cultural identity but also equips them with the tools to build positive relationships founded on empathy and kindness. After all, it is through appreciating our differences that we often discover our shared similarities. Likewise, what we ultimately desire is for our children to flourish in a globally interconnected, culturally rich world.

8 ways to enhance multicultural awareness within your home


You don’t need to be an expert in different cultures to try new recipes at home. Explore diverse tastes and flavours while learning about their origins. Cooking together as a family can be both educational and enjoyable, offering a delicious way to connect with different cultures.


Seek out international playlists and world music on platforms like Spotify or YouTube. Play these tunes at home, in the car, during study sessions, or while preparing dinner. It effortlessly introduces your family to different cultures through melodies, fostering an appreciation for the universal language of music.


Watch age-appropriate subtitled movies to explore worlds different from your own. It’s like embarking on a cinematic journey, offering glimpses into various lifestyles, traditions, and perspectives, right from the comfort of your home.


Organise playdates with children from various backgrounds. Encourage questions and facilitate conversations. Children learn best through play, and interacting with diverse peers can provide them with valuable insights, breaking down barriers while forming friendships.


Engage with diversity within your child’s interests, whether it’s joining a sports club, martial arts class, cooking workshop, theatre group, or cultural dance class. Participation in these activities not only nurtures their skills but also exposes them to different cultures in an interactive and enjoyable manner.


Research and mark the dates of special celebrations in other religions. Participate in traditional dinners, religious services, or cultural festivities to learn more about diverse customs and the people who cherish them. Celebrating together fosters understanding and respect, teaching your child the richness of global cultural heritage.


Learning a new language is incredibly enriching. It opens doors to new communities and broadens your child’s understanding of the world – a future global citizen in the making. Language lessons can be a family activity, promoting a shared learning experience and enhancing communication skills across cultures. Platforms life Duolingo affords you these options at no charge at all!


If possible, explore new countries to experience cultures firsthand. It’s a wonderful way to broaden your family’s perspective and appreciation for the world’s diversity. Traveling exposes your child to new traditions, cuisines, and customs, encouraging them to embrace differences and celebrate the beauty of our global mosaic.

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