South Africa’s 2024  Elections: Empowering Young Voices ahead of time

elections for kids

Play Africa’s My Constitution 2.0

As South Africa gears up for its 2024 general elections to elect a new National Assembly and provincial legislatures, Play Africa, a leader in innovative children’s education through play, is proud to announce the continued rollout of phase two of its ‘My Constitution’ programme.

This initiative, aptly named ‘My Constitution 2.0 – Empowering Young Voices,’ aims to engage and educate children on the crucial concepts of:

  • equality,
  • freedom,
  • human dignity and
  • civic responsibility,

fostering their inclusion and participation in the democratic process..

Taking a unique approach by utilizing the power of play, the program instills an understanding of children’s basic human rights, the right to have a voice, and the collective power of civic participation and voting.

Going beyond traditional learning methods, children embark on a playful journey through the democratic process, from understanding the importance of voting to experiencing the mechanics of casting a ballot through a mock voting process.

Alongside the interactive voting exhibit is Play Africa’s children’s court exhibit which creates an immersive play-based experience where children deepen their understanding of the function of the court, the constitution and rule of law.

 Elections and other programs for families, teachers and schools

My Constitution Family Play Days: Hosted monthly at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, these interactive play days provide families with engaging activities that explore various aspects of children’s rights, the Constitution, and democratic elections.

Upcoming Family Play Days are scheduled for 8 June, 27 July, 31 August, and 28 September.

Free My Constitution Teaching Curriculum and Resources: Accessible on Play Africa’s Chatbot on WhatsApp for educators and parents, these resources include playful lessons that introduce the Bill of Rights. The toolkit makes the Constitution and its significance come alive for a new and young generation, teaching learners about their rights and how to actively participate in a democratic society.

Educator Workshops: In-person and virtual sessions on ‘Elections ‘24: Empowering Young Voices in the classroom ahead of South Africa’s 2024 Elections and guides educators through the My Constitution Curriculum.

Credit: Iekraam Adams for Volunteer Day for BIC Employees at Play Africa, Constitution Hill

Schools Programme: Providing all of the playful My Constitution Activities to learners, either at Play Africa or within their schools, ensuring broad and inclusive participation.

Futhi Mbongwe, Managing Director of Play Africa, commented, “My Constitution 2024 is not just about teaching children about an election or the technicalities of voting; it’s about helping them make sense of the real-world events that are happening around them and are being shared through news outlets, campaign posters, rallies and conversations.

We are fostering a sense of civic responsibility, empowerment, and understanding of the process in a fun and engaging way, providing children with a platform to express their choices and emphasizing the importance of their voices in building a healthy and thriving democracy.”

Bookings and resources

To participate in My Constitution 2024 activities, accessing teacher resources and bookings for family play days, educator workshops and the schools program can be done via the Play Africa Chatbot on WhatsApp or by visiting the Play Africa website

How to access the teaching curriculum and resources on WhatsApp:

  • Save Play Africa’s PlayBot number +27 600 42 0000 to your contacts
  • WhatsApp the word PLAY to the PlayBot
  • Choose the ‘My Constitution’ menu item to access the toolkit and then ‘bookings’ to make a booking enquiry for teacher training, family play days or the schools programme.
  • Alternatively click or scan the QR code to start chatting.

Play Africa is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to transforming children’s education through innovative and inclusive play-based learning experiences. With a focus on empowering children to become engaged and active citizens, Play Africa develops programs that foster creativity, critical thinking, and a deep sense of community.

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