by Nicki Dadic, tattooed wife to David, mum to Luca Jack, marketing & digital consultant & social media girl, full-time gleek, part-time blogger. 

Having a Winter baby is not the brightest idea, especially when it comes to birthday parties – I should know, as I celebrate my birthday in the very middle of June. Summer kids get to have birthday braais, pool parties with slip ‘n slides and water pistols, pony rides and petting zoos and long hot afternoons, while Winter kids end up taking two friends to the movies and calling it a day after a couple of hours. Now, you can’t exactly take a couple of two year olds to the movies, so last year I made the mistake of having Luca’s first birthday party at a semi-outdoor venue and the short version of day’s events, is that it was a complete disaster.yeesh

This year I took the responsible route, the route that I assumed would be unexciting and that no one would really enjoy. Boy, was I wrong! Yeesh! in Woodmead was the perfect venue for a Winter toddler’s second birthday! The helpful staff took care of everything from the table set up, decor, snack packs and clean-up – which is the one thing that most moms hosting a party dread. I arranged my own catering for the adults, but Yeesh! does offer this service, as well as customized party packs, cakes, cupcakes and more. Being the control freak I am, I had to take charge of a couple of items – but had I had no time to pick up the adult eats, Yeesh! would have taken care of the entire party, from start to finish.

We took the morning slot of 10 to 12, which worked out perfectly for a group of 15 children, aged between 16 and 36 months. Everyone had arrived before 11, with a jumping castle, ball pit, padded climbing apparatus and slides keeping all the kids busy. At 11 we sang happy birthday and the little ones dug into Luca’s “Gru” cake and “Minion” cupcakes (it was a “Despicable Me” themed party) and after another half hour of play time, all of the moms started to notice tired eyes, whiney voices and the goodbyes slowly began. Two perfect hours of Winter party fun, all thanks to Yeesh! We’ll definitely do it again next year, with the bitter Jozi Winters keeping us limited to indoor party venues.

Thanks again Yeesh!

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