Do you sometimes feel like locking the kids out so you can get some screen time? Or are you tired of being referee on whose turn it is next & who is watching what? Have you wondered why your kid suddenly knows so much about the menstrual cycle or that menstrual is even part of his vocabulary? Netflix, dear friends, is one of us! An entertainment provider that is human enough to understand our struggles, to empathise and of course to offer us comfort in knowing that they have listened and have improvised!

What a lot of garb, you say?

Of course, its garb! There is just so much garb out there – that you wish your baby (even if he is 15 already) could be cocooned a little longer. So, no, Netflix is not human, but the new feature wisely allows you to set up to 5 profiles – custom designing each profile. This means you get to choose what the kids watch, set it on their profile and never burn the food again whilst rushing to see that they haven’t flipped channels. And, no again – you do not need to spend hours checking what’s suitable or not – that’s just too much admin! Upon registration, you can now filter your preferences into the following:

– for little kids only

-for older kids and below

– for Teens and below

-All Maturity levels

Netflix solves the competition for screentime

Fair enough – TV as babysitter, allows us to get on with our chores while the kids are entertained. But what happens when the kids lay claim to the TV, waiving your every whim or fancy to watch your favourite series? What happens when bedtime rules are surpassed and you’ve forgotten you planned to watch something. Netflix customers can now have up to 6 devices registered to one account, allowing members to stream simultaneously to 4 devices. Rules are rules, kids and bedtime doesn’t change, but boy am I glad I can switch to something more intellectual without a wrestle and an hour of negotiation.

Buffering – Netflix says goodbye to the all time irritation!

Looking into cotton candy skies on a long journey is something the kids enjoy for a limited time only. With commentary blaring from the radios, the kids and younger siblings are sure to start the usual nabbing and sidekicks to ward off the boredom. And if your network coverage is low, the buffering wheel will be a cause for more irritation. Netflix now offers a download and go feature – download what you would like to watch in a wifi zone and then watch it en-route. The only wheels turning now will be on the road.

Virtually reality – can you guess what happens next?

My husband often asks the kids what they think will happen next, or if there should be a sequel to the movie and what happens to the hero then. Of course, the new interactive feature is most welcome in our home. With virtual reality games on the rise, this will surely lend to bringing out the imagination and creative side in them – goodbye to “ glued to the screen”, “can’t think anymore” couch potatoes!

So what do I watch next? I’m spoilt for choice

This near human Netflix feature actually susses you out – inquisitive fool! The feature recommends what you should be watching based on your preferences and also recommends some good family shows you could watch with your kids – the kind of shows they are unable to watch otherwise. Heads up, Netflix has you covered.

Thank you Mr Netflix – you are a great friend. You have made it possible for each of us to be content watching something we like, you have cleared the anxiety of kids watching things they shouldn’t be, you have inspired creative thinking, you keep a look out for our best interests, plus you are going the extra mile to ensure we travel in peace. We love you.

Dear Santa, Mr Netflix was the best gift you gave me. Now all I want for Christmas is to watch some live European football, an Ipad or 2 and please can you ask that the fibre be installed quickly?

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