by Jude Foulston ,  new mom, wife, entrepreneur,  friend and crafter who’s loving the challenge of trying to  keep it all together on a daily basis. She’s also the creator of jamtin– an online directory for all things handmade

Dear Layla

My baby girl who’s changed our world forever – you are the most precious little person that fills each day with your smiles, cuddles and love. It’s difficult to remember what life was before you arrived and how we survived without the cuddles, baby breathe and sweet little noises you love to make.

It’s difficult to find the words to describe the love we have for you… there are times that I walk into your room and you greet me with a smile that fills the entire room – it physically makes me want to burst with love for you, with an emotion that comes from deep within my soul

Dear Husband to Me and Daddy to Layla

You do know that you’re the best Daddy in the world… that’s quite a big title, but I know that to Layla you are the best Daddy ever. Pretty awesome to know that you’re going to be someone’s real life hero soon.

We’ve learnt a lot in the very short 4 months – both about being parents and each other. Could we ever have known how our lives would be changed. There are times that I miss you and seem that life is all consumed by being a mom – I promise to try my best to focus on you as much as I do Layla – bear with me as I find the balance, and the hours in the day to get to everything. Just as much as I love our monkey, I love you more. We did this together, created such a perfect little creature and have our whole lives together moulding, teaching and loving our baby girl. I know we’re going to make mistakes, but more than that, I know we’re  going to be amazing parents, a great husband and wife team and together provide a family where she is loved and treasured daily.

Dear Me

You rock as a mom, and don’t you forget it. You’ve got a blank canvas to work with here  – remember that, but also don’t let it overwhelm you – as you already know that this parenting thing can get overwhelming! Teach her every day, love her every minute, let her explore, help her create, encourage her to discover, let her make mistakes and trust that you are doing a great job. You’ve waited for this all your life and you were born to be a mom. Don’t let your career distract you – your work is important, you need it and enjoy it, but this little girl is your real job now and you’ve been promoted to CEO from day one. Training is in-house, remuneration is paid in love and vacation time is limited – all this and you’ve still got the best job in the world.

Our baby girl, we cherish each day we have with you. You are our gift from God and as we try and teach you all about life, we love every minute that you teach us what life is about.

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