By Mia Von Scha, Transformational Coach, motivational speaker, children’s author, student to two Zen Masters (aka kids), avid cloud watcher and lover of life,

This country has been in turmoil for the past week. Everywhere there is fear and uncertainty and a rising sense of panic. I think we can all agree that the status quo is not ok. Something needs to be done. And somebody needs to do it. Guess what? You are somebody!

Now of all the people in the country, I think parents have the best excuse for not being at one of the marches happening this Friday – I mean our first priority is towards our kids, right? Yes. And that is exactly why you do need to be there.

It is our children who will inherit either a legacy of poverty and corruption or a legacy of people who come together when necessary, regardless of their cultural, racial or political differences to make things work. This is your children’s country – we are simply borrowing it from them for now – and we need to make sure that when we return what was borrowed it is in as good or a better state than what we found it. That is simply good manners!

We also need to consider the many messages we are sending to our children through our actions over the next couple of days:

  • Are we going to send the message that we are powerless or that when we join together we have power greater than any oppressor?
  • Are we going to send the message that we should stand up for our beliefs or that the beliefs of those in authority take precedence?
  • Are we going to teach our children to sit back and complain or to stand up and take action?
  • Are we going to train our children to focus on race or to focus on the greater community?
  • Are we teaching our children to respond to problems with apathy or energy?

Our children watch us, constantly, to see what to do in the world, how to behave, what is important and what is possible. This is one of those key moments where we can show them that great challenges come with great support and energy and connection.

Friday has the potential to be a historic day, a day when South Africans let go of their differences and stand together in their power. It also has the potential to be the day that South Africans stay home and watched their country fall apart on TV. Which one is up to us, and it is our children who will benefit or suffer the most based on our choices

You are somebody and you do make a difference. For yourself and for the future of your children… I will see you at there.

Click here to find a list of protests taking places on Friday across the country.

Photo Credit: Daily Maverick. Supporters of the Save South Africa movement listen to speeches in St Albans Church



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