3aa6f2b By Willemien von Solms, mom to 2 sons who loves travelling, has worked as a journalist, editor and communications specialist. Currently works as executive head: Products at  Impak Education, curriculum provider for homeschooling parents and centres.

Have you ever considered homeschooling your children? Perhaps you live on a remote farm or your special needs child cannot be accommodated in a mainstream school, or maybe your child is simply not getting the individual attention he deserves.  These are just some of the reasons why a growing number of families are choosing homeschooling.

Take Jeanet Bezuidenhout, whose family lives on a farm near Stofberg in Mpumalanga. Long distances and poor roads made the decision to homeschool her two sons, aged 10 and 13, an easy one. Initially apprehensive about her ability to successfully teach her sons, Jeanet found that working with a reputable homeschool curriculum provider made all the difference. Apart from a drastic improvement in her sons’ marks, the family can now go on holiday together out of season when activities on the farm allow. “We can also all jump in and help when things get hectic.”

After homeschooling her children for 15 years, Estelle Joubert is now the proud owner of Jakkalskrans Akademie, an Impak academy just outside Lydenburg. When her daughter was diagnosed with severe OCD at a young age, the nearest remedial school was a 100 km away. “I started teaching her at home using Impak’s curriculum, which was flexible and could be adapted to meet my daughter’s unique needs.”stock2

Both Jeanet and Estelle agree that homeschooling is a huge responsibility that requires enormous self-discipline and complete commitment from parents and children alike. But the benefits make the investment absolutely worthwhile.

If you find the thought of teaching your children yourself too daunting to contemplate, there is always the option of enrolling them with a homeschooling academy many of which focus on children who find adapting in mainstream schools a challenge. Characterised by small classes and qualified, dedicated staff, these tutors and academies can help your children achieve their full potential.
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