Whether you already have small children and have decided you need a bigger property, or plan on starting a family in the near future, you will need to consider certain criteria in order to find your perfect family home. You will need to think about not only the number of bedrooms and bathrooms a property has, but also the amount of space you’ll need for growing children both inside and outside the house, and whether the spaces are conducive to their needs. If you’re on the hunt for a family-oriented property for sale in Gauteng, together with Private Property, here are a few important tips

Layout for a perfect family home

If you want to be able to keep any eye on your children as much as possible, and ensure you have ample space for family activities, layout is important for the ideal family. Open-plan living spaces, from the kitchen, to the lounge, through to the dining room will give you the ability to watch your children play or eat while you cook or tidy up, and give you the space to lay out activities for them. If your children are at the crawling stage, or not walking yet, consider a single-storey property, keeping it a kid-friendly house – as a double-storey with steep stairs may make it difficult for you to get around with children and their accessories in your arms.

Activity space for kids in the house 

If you expect to find a home to lay down roots for a number of years, you need to consider whether the indoor and outdoor spaces are suitable enough for your children as they get older. You may want to find a property that has an extra room you can turn into a playroom or reading room, or a large enough lounge for your children to lay out puzzles and games. Just as much as indoors is important, so too is outdoors. Is the garden big enough for older children to kick a ball around or play tag, or perhaps for a swimming pool to be built? Consider the life stages your children will go through on the property when buying a house, and whether it will suit their active needs over time.

Family home security to consider 

An important feature for many South Africans, and particularly parents, is a sense of security. When buying a house, consider whether there are sufficient security features on the property, or whether it would require you to install them all yourself (in which case it might not be the property for you). Look for a basic alarm system connected to a response unit, secure walls, burglar bars, security gates and even an electric fence. Whether your children are very young or old enough to spend some time alone in the house, these basic security features should be considered.

Searching for a new family home is a fun and exciting time, particularly if you’re searching for a home to accommodate a growing family. If you happen to have children already, take them along with you to viewings and see how they feel about and interact with the property. This will not only help them prepare for the move into a new home but also help you notice child-friendly or not-so-child-friendly features.

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