Jayshree Sita, mom to 2 gorgeous, lively kids, Amishka 9yrs and Vishen  5yrs.  She traded the glamorous life of a chartered accountant to become a teacher. She’s also an aspiring writer and artist who is passionate about self-development and keeping her family happy.

I have just put the phone down after chatting to a wonderful friend and began to ponder, what makes her so wonderful? I don’t see her too often because we are both very busy with our own families and work, and we only chat telephonically about once a month. We know each other since we met as nursery school moms outside the school gate about 5 years ago.  So, how do I conclude that she is wonderful?

Well, she is extremely honest, open and sincere. She shares things directly from her heart, and trusts me to be caring in my response.

In our conversations, she listens with patience and attention and always has an encouraging, if not inspiring word for me.



When we chat, the topics may be simple, but there is a great depth of reflection on our life experiences. For example, we talked about her little boy who got very ill and had to be taken to hospital. Thankfully he is now better. What she shared with me was how this experience made her reach deep inside herself to connect with herself spiritually.  This led to my sharing my own recent need to find my spiritual strength and how I am

faring on this journey.

She has a truly optimistic perspective on her life and the world, despite the fact that she has experienced many hardships in her life.  Warmth and good cheer are her constant companions.

She gives me motivation and moral support to follow my dreams.  I cherish her sincere words of support, which are like life-giving rain to the seeds of my dreams. She inspires me to be a better person.

I admire her as a woman who is progressive, yet has respect for the traditions of the past. She values her family greatly and always has time for the elderly as well as the young ones. She is a successful self-made business woman, and also has a wonderful partnership with her husband. She is devoted to her children, yet balances her needs to be an individual. She is both glamorous and humble.  She is extremely intelligent and worldly wise with an amazing knack to connect deeply with most people. She has used this strength to carve herself a very strong niche in the business world.  All these qualities make her a wonderful role model to those around her, and I would love my daughter to be influenced by her as a very special “Auntie” figure.

Mostly, she makes the time to actually talk to me, and have a conversation that is meaningful, despite having lots of other things demanding her attention.

Before our conversation this afternoon, I was feeling a bit under the weather and just feeling myself sorry. But now, here I am writing this reflection which is making me feel pretty awesome and special wonderful  friend!

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