by Laura Allmayer,   co-founder of Journey2Joy, mom to two little people, compulsive blogger and twitter addict. When she’s not blogging  she’s planning baby showers and helping moms prepare for their new babies.

Earlier on today I heard a government spokesman say that schools are urged to sacrifice the September holidays to catch up!

I nearly crashed my car I was so outraged at the audacity of this!

Our children are being intimidated, abused and hauled out of their classrooms and the good old government seems to be doing the bare minimum to protect these children!  But they want the CHILDREN to sacrifice their holidays to make up time lost due to decisions made by UNIONS!

Seriously I have a good mind to open water hoses on dear  JZ and his gang of merry men!



What lesson are our children being taught by this strike? That when things don’t go their own way they can throw a tantrum, hurt people and it’s ok! That they do not need to consider the big picture and look at how things affect the world at large?

Aren’t these the things we, as parents, try and teach them NOT to do? Don’t we teach them that it is unacceptable to throw a tantrum or punch their sister when they don’t get their own way? Don’t we try and teach them about consequence and how their actions affect others?

I don’t doubt there are government employees who should earn more but then I know of private sector employees who are paid barely minimum wage. We all could do with more but we all don’t fight, destroy and spread destruction.

Something that also fascinates me is that all these people hell bent on fighting the government, all voted for the very self same government and will do so again when next we vote.

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