philippa photo head and shouldersby Philippa Cross who would rather be outdoors than in, alone than in a crowd. She prefers dogs to cats, with a major leaning towards bulldogs. She hopes to win the Pulitzer prize for her yet unpublished novel. She started Thumb Media with a partner in June 2009

December the 25th is known and celebrated throughout the world as Christmas Day. While it may be essentially a Christian Holy day, the message that it represents to the world is one that every religion can relate to, and one that you can use to talk to your children about what Christmas teaches us about God.

I believe that Christmas is a Holy day to be celebrated. For you, that may not necessarily be the story of the virgin birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. But it is still an opportunity for you to talk to your children about God and his role on Earth.

Christmas is a day when we can acknowledge a God of one description or another, and we can acknowledge his intervention on earth, and in our lives. We celebrate our creator, our creation and our faith, whatever that may be, and we share it with our children.  But most importantly, on Christmas day, we celebrate our humanity.

This year, why not use Christmas day to tell your children that there’s more to this gaudy shopping celebration than meets the eye. There’s something beyond the fat man in the completely impractical red outfit. Talk to them about the symbolism behind the customs and traditions of Christmas which we now observe.

Your Christmas tree, if you have one, may have a star or an Angel right at the top. The star is a heavenly sign of promise. In the Christmas story it had a practical use. Because they believed it was a sign from God, the wise men followed it for months and months, and it lead them from the east all the way to Bethlehem. Today it is a reminder that God keeps his promises.

The Angel reminds us of the role the Angels played in the Christmas story. It was Angels who almost scared the shepherds half to death when they appeared in the middle of the night to tell them to hurry to Bethlehem. Today, we celebrate that Angels are here still, keeping watch over us.

Christmas day is a chance for us to be more than just people in our own home in our own street in our own country. It’s a chance for us to join together and celebrate being human, and share the vision of every human being. Christmas day is a chance for us to share with our children the message the Angels brought to the shepherds in the fields of Israel:

“Glory to God in the highest, Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to all men.”

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